Why Do You Need to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization?

Why Do You Need to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is a set of measures to improve the position of a site in the results of search engines for certain queries. It is indeed the most sophisticated, yet a powerful marketing strategy in 2021. 

Why Do You Need Seo Promotion?

On average, the cost of search engine optimization is 4 times cheaper than contextual advertising. Over the age of 18, use the Internet and that is why 77% of users are converting to organic search results only, not advertising. You can use LinkLifting to start an affordable Off Page SEO campaign for your sites. 

Seo Promotion Trends

In new SEO strategies, temporary links are replaced by articles and social media. Previously, temporary links were used to promote sites, which were bought every month, now their importance tends to zero. Search engines give preference to organic articles with permanent links to the site, as well as social activity. 

Influence Of Usability On Website Promotion

Setting up the technical parameters of the site, increasing conversions, reducing the bounce rate, thoughtfulness of the paths on the site – all these actions are one of the main criteria for ranking a site in search engines, which allows you to achieve maximum return.

Mobilization And Increase Of Website Loading Speed

Currently, 20-40% of site visits are made from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). If the site is poorly optimized for mobile devices, this has an extremely negative effect on the search engine results. Slow download speeds directly affect the increase in bounce rates.

More Complex Content Handling

The most important stage in the promotion is the preparation (optimization) of the site content. All materials posted on the site should be written in a simple and understandable language that arouses interest in the company and its services / product. Search robots that monitor content on websites on a daily basis have long learned to distinguish high-quality content from low-quality content.

Seo Advantages

Complex work on improving the site

The importance of behavioral factors on sites is growing before our eyes, so our promotion includes usability analysis, recommendations for increasing conversions, content management, site analytics, writing press releases and much more.

The first 5 positions of search results account for 75% of clicks. Therefore, getting into the TOP10 does not guarantee you a significant increase in traffic, our goal is to get into the TOP3.

Positions And Traffic Growth Guarantees

We offer a beneficial contract for your company, according to which payment will be made only for the results achieved

Quality Content Policy

Before preparing new texts, it is suggested to choose one of the copywriters who will prepare materials in accordance with your requirements.

Only White Modern Promotion Methods

We use only article links (permanent) and qualitatively select sites for their placement. We do not use outdated technologies, due to which your company’s website may be banned by search engines. We have the most refined tools and workforce to optimize your websites and app for search engines. 

We hope the information we have share in this article was helpful and practical. Thanks for reaching out and we do appreciate your interest on our website.

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