Top 5 Social Networking Apps To Make New Friends

Top 5 Social Networking Apps To Make New Friends

Anything is possible if you have the right person next to you. Either you are in a good mood or bad, even if you want to cry your heart out or need some advice, you always want someone by your side. In this fast-moving world where everything is online, you can also find a friend online with whom your brain’s wave can perfectly match. Someone who is as crazy as you. In front of whom you can be totally yourself, without being judged. As they say, sometimes it’s easy to open up to a stranger than to a person you know. So, in this article, I have brought you a list of 5 apps where you can meet and connect with new friends.

Meet Me

Chat and Meet New People

In this app, you can go live chat and meet new people. It allows you to meet and interact with people nearby who share the same interest and likes. With over 50M downloads and 4-star rating (1M+ review) at Google Playstore, you can totally trust it, and you will surely find someone who is perfect for you. Or you have just moved in and want to know more about the city and its people. It will provide you with an easy path to interact with your locals.

At Meet Me, you can:

  • Video chat with local
  • Chat with new people around you and the world
  • Livestream and feel the love
  • Find people who share your interest.


Dating, Friends, and Business

Bumble lets you connect and meet up with the new people. It helps you build a valuable relationship, make new friends, and expand your niche.

It helps you meet your connection through three different modes:

Bumble Date: It is quite different from the other dating site which you come across. It breaks the stereotype. The thing that makes it different from others is that here women make the first move. So, all those who think women never make the first move or women should never make the first must go and check it out.

  • Bumble BFF: Being a friend is better than anything, so Bumble BFF allows you to make new friends. Whether you have newly moved in and want to know nearby people or you want to improve your social relationship, it can help you in either case.
  • Bumble Bizz: So, if you are in business and you want to increase your network or need a new mentor or new career idea, it can help you in all.

With over 10M+ download and 3.5-star review at Google, Playstore Bumble is totally trustworthy.


Make Friends Worldwide

 It allows you to interact with people from around the world. With this, you can learn about different cultures and traditions in other countries. It allows you to travel the whole world while just sitting on your couch. It allows you to read, write, and talk in your language.

 Ablo let you:

  • Make new friends
  • Free text and video chat
  • Live translations
  • Unlimited conversation
  • Discover new countries

It has 5M + download and 4.2-star rating in google play. It has been selected as the Google Play app of the year for 2019.


Meet, Chat, Go Live

 It allows you to meet new people in your region or throughout the world. With the help of SKOUT, you can learn about both your neighborhood, or you want to know about incredible places and world hidden gems throughout the globe. According to your want, you can set the proximity of the people you like. With over 50M+ download and 4.2-star rating at Google Play, you can feel quite safe at this app.

 Features of SKOUT are:

  • Meet people by preference and proximity
  • Chat
  • Broadcast yourself and watch others stream
  • See who checked you out
  • Get an update from the nearby user
  • Save your favorite user
  • Browse profile and pictures
  • Promote your profile with in-app feature


Make New Friend

 Yubo lets you live stream, chat, and make new friends from all over the world who have common interests. It helps you build a social community of people like you. It has over 5M downloads and a 3.1-star rating at Google Playstore.

Yubo allows you to:

  • Stream: You can stream live video with your friend. You can video call with ten friends at once. So, if you have a big circle, you all can be together with this app.
  • Chat: You can use the chat option to talk to the new person whom you saw there. As it is a global application, you can speak with people around the globe.
  • Swipe: You can meet people from all over the world with just a swipe of your finger.
  • Find a community: It allows you to form a social community of people of-choice similar to yours. One can easily connect with the people who like their favorite sport or cuisine or culture.

Sharing your feelings with someone doubles your happiness and reduces your sorrow. With the help of the app listed above, you can also find someone who understands you and never judges you or with whom you will be able to feel comfortable in a new locality, and always remember the only way to have a friend is to be one.

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