Innovative Gadgets Designed to Tackle the Spread of COVID – 19

Innovative Gadgets Designed to Tackle the Spread of COVID – 19

The world was working perfectly fine until an unknown virus put every person on the planet under the biggest lockdown leaving billions of people locking inside their homes. COVID – 19 or Novel Coronavirus is the virus that is believed to be originated from China but has spread in almost every nation.

Countries like Italy, Spain and the USA have been struck the hardest as they top the death chart. Several countries have joined hands to control this virus and practice social distancing. The technological advancement has allowed people to design or create certain gadgets that will prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

Corona Self Assessment Concept

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Below are some of the gadgets used by different nations.

Here, we are showing the most proved to be useful gadgets, that we can use during Coronavirus outbreak.

  • Door Openers
  • Imaging Drones
  • Robots
  • Virus Killing Fabrics

#1 Door Openers


The commonest place which is touched by the legions of people every day is the door handles. As coronavirus can survive on metals for a couple of days, it is necessary to avoid using door handles. To make this possible, hands-free door openers are designed where physical touch is not required. Such door openers look more like a hook but can get the job done without touching the handle with hands.

#2 Imaging Drones

Imaging Drones used during coronavirus

Even though most of the countries have imposed lockdown, but some of the people can go outside from their home to attain essential items. As COVID – 19 starts to show symptoms after five to fourteen days, the person may be affected by the virus but unaware of this. A mild fever may go undetected by the host, but they can spread the virus to thousands of people at once. With that thing in mind, drones are combined with thermal temperature detectors to identify whether any person is having abnormal body temperature. In addition to that, the drones are also used to find out people heading out of their homes without masks.

#3 Robots

Currently, COVID – 19 only affects humans and spreads like a wildfire. Avoiding human contact is extremely essential as it could limit its spread. In an emergency like this, the most vulnerable people are healthcare workers as they have to deal with corona positive patients. Though the doctors cannot be replaced, some of the quarantine facilities in Wuhan have replaced some healthcare workers with robots for tasks like disinfecting places, giving food, and medicines to the patients and cleaning the place.

#4 Virus Killing Fabric

Virus killing fabric

The COVID – 19 virus enters the body only through eyes, nose and mouth. A company from the UK named Carrington Textiles have created a snood with a fabric that is known to trap and kill almost 96% of the virus in the air. Their invention is backed by nearly 10 years of research and fabric is entirely safe to wear and can be reused.

The moment of need leads to great inventions. The COVID – 19 pandemic is leaving a dent on the world health, but the brilliant minds are creating extraordinary gadgets to control the spreading of this disease and win the battle against it. Using these gadgets surely help but a single person can bring the change without them. Practising social distancing and staying at home will eventually eradicate this virus from the planet.

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