3 Best Social Media Widget And Tools For Websites

3 Best Social Media Widget And Tools For Websites

Every now and then, a new website is born making the competition in digital marketing more challenging than before. To thrive in this competitive realm, creating a unique and engaging website presence is a bit difficult but not impossible. 

To stay ahead in the game and outshine others, your business websites need to have the X factor that makes your digital marketing game different from others. By embedding a social media feed on the company’s websites, you can have an extra edge over the business peers and make a strong impact on audiences’ minds. 

A social media feed is nothing but a collection of content created by brand’s users (known as user-generated content) about their experience with the brand’s products and services across various social media channels. User-generated content when displayed over any marketing touchpoints instills a sense of trust among the target audience. 

Along with building brand trust among audiences, here are the few additional benefits of using social media feed on the website-

  • Aggregates Different Social Media UGC in One Place
  • Engages Website Visitors
  • Enhances Website’s Visual Appeal
  • Increases Visitor’s Dwell-Time
  • Decreases Bounce Rate
  • Builds Social Trust Among Target Users
  • Drives Conversion 

How To Add Social Media Feed on the Website

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is one of the most popular social media feed widgets that work perfectly well with all kinds of websites. It is also a social media aggregator and a hub apart from being a real-time widget tool that lets you add hashtags to design a dynamic social feed widget by combining content from all social media channels. 

Through Taggbox widget one can include social media feeds from various social media networks and display UGC content on a website. It also lets you manage a particular space for business sponsors that brings extra revenue and trust in the long run. 

Apart from this, Taggbox Widget has content moderation features, both auto and manual for social media feed. You can customize the design and appearance of the social wall with Taggbox widget unique themes and customization features that comes with an array of colors, fonts, backgrounds, custom logos, etc.

Taggbox widget backs up  CTA buttons that encourage instant clicks by website visitors to a featured post or a link. The Taggbox social media widget also has a ‘Direct Purchase Post’ that calls for your visitors to directly purchase products with buttons placed on posts. 

With an exceptional built-in campaign analytics feature, Taggbox provides regular reports on how well content is performing in terms of reach and engagement. 


TwineSocial plugin makes it super easy and fast to include social media content from any social media platform to a WordPress Blog.  It is highly interactive and engaging tool that makes beautiful feed of photos, videos, and other social media content on the WordPress site.

TwineSocial’s social media hub tool lets one display social media posts on your website effectively. Additionally, TwineSocial has a hashtag searching feature that allows searching and displaying content by hashtag on website. 

TwineSocial’s social media widget is adaptable and is apt for any marketing campaign.

The TwineSocial hubs come with cross-browser mobile-responsive support. This hub can be embedded anywhere on the website by copy/pasting the embed code.


Last but not the least, Flockler plugin allows you to showcase all the content from social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. User-generated content could also be displayed in the form of a social wall on the website. 

Gather all your social media content manually or set up restrictions to display content automatically based on campaign hashtags or social media usernames with Flockler.

Besides publishing social media content, one can also plan editorial content by using Flockler. All the content created and curated using Flockler is automatically saved in WordPress Posts and is displayed on the website similar to any other WordPress-powered content. This makes the content SEO-friendly.

The Flockler plugin can create a custom layout suited for mobile, tablet and desktop. However, as the content is saved to WordPress, there’s a feature to design an attractive customized social wall as per the need. 


Having a social media feed on the website does more than most businesses know about. It not only helps in aggregating all the user-generated content in one place and increases the digital marketing efforts by banking on consumers’ reviews. The authenticity of UGC in social walls helps brand drive website conversions especially for e-commerce. It also helps in expanding the user base across various channels. Besides, the trust factor, the beautiful collection UGC pictures and videos enhances the website appeal and makes it stand out from others. By truly engaging the website audiences, brands can increase their dwell time which eventually leads to decrease in bounce rate. 

The above mentioned tools are best in their domain and help in effective embedding of social media feed on websites. Use any of the one to increase brand consumer engagement and brand trust to successfully steer conversions and sales. 

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