Top 10 PHP Website Development Companies

Top 10 PHP Website Development Companies

Despite new technologies emerging each year, PHP remains a preferred choice for web development. As a result, there is a vast growth of companies worldwide. Every company claims to offer excellent services and promises to deliver outstanding projects.

Selecting the right PHP web development company for your project becomes challenging. The right company will leverage its expertise and deliver the project you want. But some parameters, such as their experience, portfolio, reviews, etc., will help you select the most potential company. 

But, choosing a single company is like getting a needle out of the haystack. This blog outlines the top companies that can solve your problem. Each selected company has worked exquisitely in the past and is a reliable one to trust. 

So, continue scrolling through this blog and learn about the top companies. 

Top PHP Development Companies 

1) HTMLPanda

The foremost on this list is HTMLPanda – a prominent USA-based company. It was established nearly a decade ago. 

The company offers a range of PHP services, such as custom PHP development, CMS development, PHP web development, eCommerce web development, website maintenance, support, etc. 

The company has delivered over 15,000 projects since its establishment and has served more than 8,000 clients. As a result of its high client satisfaction rate, HTMLPanda has earned the trust of numerous brands, including Intel, HP, Philips, and others.

Apart from PHP development, the company has expertise in other areas, such as:

  • Design to Code
  • Web Development 
  • eCommerce Development 
  • WordPress Development

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2) GoingClear

Next on our list is GoingClear, one of the competitive US-based companies. It was founded in 2001, and since then, they have been elevating the client’s interest by rendering high-end business solutions. 

With a team of expert developers, they offer top-notch PHP development services.  Overall, they deliver the best web solutions to their clients by properly identifying their key needs. 

 Apart from PHP services, they are proficient in 

  • Web Design,
  • B2B marketing, 
  • B2B SEO, etc.

3) CSSChopper

Since 2009, CSSChopper has built websites powered by PHP for various companies across different industries. Each brand they work with is provided with the expertise and skills they need by their in-house team of PHP experts. The company has served over 7500 satisfied customers, proving its expertise in PHP development and excellence in teamwork.

The company has completed PHP-based projects, and clients have appreciated them. To hire a PHP developer from CSSChopper, you can visit a website to research their past PHP development work, portfolio, and client testimonials to ascertain their efficiency and effectiveness.

Other services of the company

  • Front-end development
  • CMS and Migration Services
  • Design to Code
  • eCommerce and Migration 
  • Web Development 
  • Offshore Development

4) ProCoders

One of the high-rated companies in the USA is ProCoders. The company works with a team of more than 80 software engineers that provide IT Staff Augmentation services to their business partners. It was formed in 2015, and since then, they have extended its armed forces.

With a team of expert software engineers, they have worked with various industries in diverse niches. 

Their other services include

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Software Discovery Phase, etc.

5) SparxIT

SparxIT is among the leading companies that offer end-to-end PHP web development services. They were founded in 2007, and till then, they have been offering seamless digital services. They have a team of excellent PHP developers who are engaged in elevating the client’s interests. This is through rendering them improved business solutions. It delivers top-notch outcomes with a client satisfaction ratio of 100% and cordial business relationships.

Clients worldwide appreciate their products and services. They offer competitive and cost-effective solutions with their expertise in PHP solutions. The wide range of PHP solutions that the company provides includes custom PHP applications, eCommerce solutions, CMS development, custom web portals, etc. Till now, they have completed more than 2100 PHP development projects.

Major clients served by this company are HP, Intel, Huawei, Vedanta, and many more.

Not only in PHP development, but they have also gained expertise in other areas such as:

  • Mobile App Development 
  • Web App Development 
  • Blockchain Development
  • Consulting 
  • eCommerce Web and App Development
  • Product Development 
  • Web Design and Development


It is one of the top companies that are offering seamless PHP services in the USA. The company is also situated in other parts of the world, such as Dubai, India, and Australia.

Being a prominent company, they focus on solving complex problems with excellent PHP solutions. They have received accolades and are especially recognized for web development and AR/VR development. 

The company works with professionals who have worked with various clients worldwide.

Their other services include: 

  • Web development
  • AL & ML
  • QA
  • Marketing 
  • IoT

7) IntellectSoft

It is one of the top-tier development companies in the USA. It offers sturdy web solutions for a wide range of niches. 

The company works with a huge team of tech professionals who deliver client-oriented web solutions. Their PHP development team is well-experienced and offers excellent solutions to their clients. 

Apart from PHP development, their other services are 

  • Technology strategy consulting, 
  • UX/UI design and ideation,
  • Turn-key IoT system engineering, etc. 

8) MultiDots

MultiDots is one of the leading PHP development companies in the USA. It was founded in 2010, and till then, it has provided comprehensive and innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

Whether you are looking for custom PHP development or need to update your web application, this company can help you achieve your goals. 

The company has a team of highly skilled developers who have expertise in the development of unique web solutions. 

Other services that this company offers:

  • WordPress Development 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • WordPress Migration, etc. 

9) BairesDev

It is one of the leading Nearshore technology providers in the USA. The company was founded in 2009 and has founded over 500 companies of all sizes. 

With a team of highly-trained developers, they have a strong record of delivering top-notch digital products. The company has secured ratings of 4.9 on Clutch. 

Besides PHP, other services that they offer are:

  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • Software Outsourcing

10) Jordan Crown

It is one of the most competitive web design and development companies. The company was founded in 2006 and is focused on developing established business methods for its clients.  

They work with a team of skilled tech enthusiasts who have worked with each industry’s clients. 

Besides PHP development company offers other services

  • Digital Strategy Services
  • Web Design Services 
  • WordPress Development


So, the blog discussed the top companies. All the companies have reputations in the market and offer competent PHP development services. 

Make sure that you have adequately analysed each company before selecting one for your project. The right company will have the expertise to meet your requirements. 

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