Top 6 Mobile Apps With Most Inspiring Interfaces

Top 6 Mobile Apps With Most Inspiring Interfaces

Visual appeal is one of the foremost factors that attract a target user making him stay on the platform for longer. A user always tends to get amused by the look of an app before he decides to invest his time or attention on it.

Whether it’s about Android or iOS if you are the app is not appealing it will not be able to make it to the leading spots in App or Play Store. So, if you plan to create an app make sure it looks stunningly amazing with an interface that ensures highest user engagement. Here are some of the great examples that can inspire you to try new ways of developing a top-ranking app for your users.

YONO.MP3- Music App 

YONO.MP3 is a cool music app with a bright red and black combination of aesthetics. Every window is designed with perfection with an eye-catching interface. The overall is fascinating and attractive enough to garner attention. The beautiful colors can enhance the level of productivity and brighten up the look of the app. The app has utilized the finest gradient and the appearance of smaller buttons and sections enhances the functionality. This is one of the app that every hire app developer Australia plans to develop. 

Watering Tracker App

Water Tracker App is for busy homeowners or managers who have to maintain huge buildings. The app reminds its users to give water to the indoor or outdoor plants. When it comes to its purpose, it’s a simple app but if you ponder on its aesthetics you will find quite fascinating. The overall aesthetics are so serene and amazing that it will make you spend time on it. The idea to monitor the plants through an app is engaging and if you have such a beautiful app to remind you about plantation, you sure would like to come on the platform it again and again. 


For music lovers, the count of great apps is not going to stop. Listen is yet another great app that can fill your day with excitement and fun. You can pop into any kind of music genre and search for a huge number of tracks easily using the app. The interface is appealing and the layout is captivating. You can subscribe to a number of music channels from Sport to Meet, Theme to Album. The interface is fully customized and attractive enough to enthrall the users. The hire app developer Australia and the experts all around the globe appreciate such innovation that can inspire its users. 

NightOwl Coffee

NightOwl Coffee is an eye-catching app designed for coffee lovers. The app lets you order coffee from the closest coffee shop or cafe. The most attractive element of the app is its illustration where a mini coffee maker is designed to engage the users and give them a feeling of being at a coffee shop while placing the order. It has geometric elements that can attract the viewers and increase the traffic on the app.

Roomframes app

Do you have to passion to mark places on the map just to remind yourself of how many spots you have visited? Well, if you have you can cater to your pleasure by download the Roomframes app. It’s a sleek app with a number of features that lets you fulfil your desire of marking places and regions. Its targeted to hotels letting you know how many exotic resorts and hotel you have slept in. Moreover, what’s more exciting is its layout. The aesthetics are so clean and minimalist that it attracts the users making them stay on the app willingly.

Wrap Up 

Whenever you plan to develop an app always make sure that you carry out the market research, You should know what your users would prefer and how you can make them get attracted easily. You have to sue features and aspects that can increase the overall appeal of your app and make it function efficiently. A great app is the one that can enthrall its users along with being a perfect problem solving. You have to think above board and come up with a bright idea of creation.  

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