9 Amazing Gadgets Can Perfectly Ease Your Life

9 Amazing Gadgets Can Perfectly Ease Your Life

Human Headphone

Human headphone is a strange name for an incredible product these earbuds offer a three-in-one wireless design that can provide the user with unsurpassed sound quality. While remaining in a small portable form factor these buds are extremely powerful with rich sound packed into a much smaller design than over the ear headphones. They can remain charged for up to hours of playback they also contain a series of both touch and voice controls so that you can seamlessly adjust the volume while on the go.

Cold Proof

Cold Proof is a new heating pad that is both lightweight and portable the pad provides its user with long-term warmth for all of your outdoor needs. With cold proof you will never let the cold weather get in your way again this product was designed to keep you comfortable while remaining lightweight and easy to use. The pad is designed for sustained heat and comfort and will remain at a constant 113 degrees Fahrenheit regardless of weather conditions. This pad is several steps ahead of its competitors offering an insulated interior that helps the pad maintain its constant heat and a USB power interface that allows you to use. The pad with all of your existing USB battery pack from strenuous activities like hunting in the mountains to watching your children play ball from cold metal stadium seats. Cold proof is there to ensure that your hindquarters never have to feel chilly again.

Cup Cooler

Cup Cooler is marketed as a smart device that cools down and keeps your drink cold to the last sip this company set out to redefine portable beverage cooling with this product. Being unlike any other on the market the cup cooler is up to six times faster than cooling your beverage in a standard fridge as you simply need to plug the device into the wall and wait around six seconds for your drink to be cool. You can chill your drink up to 17 degrees in as little as 30 minutes. This product has appeared on several major tech websites including Engaged and TECA Bowl. This is truly a revolutionary product for drink cooling you will no longer need to waste your time with ice cubes that can dilute your drink with water nor will you have to wait hours for your drinks to cool in the fridge. The product is easy to use fast and effective a working prototype has been on the market for several months.

Key back

Key back is a brand new futuristic and stylish digital backpack the device is high-tech multimedia driven and designed with safety and practicality in mind. This product is the first of its kind to reach the market the back is considered to be wearable technology that will change the concept of wearable bags forever. Its combination of design and technology can suit both your style and needs regardless of the occasion the bag offers a sleek new design as well as an RGB display that is both flexible and in all types of lighting. The display can be customized to show messages respond to music or even play animations and movies on the moviehustle.com on the base of the unit. A large bass driven speaker is built-in to allow playback of all types of modern music while on the go. The bag is powered by four Panasonic rechargeable batteries which allow an incredible 13,600 mAh of charging capacity. Two USB ports located on the bottom of the bag also allow you to recharge your phone or other devices without the need for a wall outlet. The shell and straps of the bag are interchangeable as well allow you to change the design of the bag to suit your Styles needs.

Air Picks

Air Picks is an all-new drone that claims to allow anyone to take stunning aerial selfies or photos and videos this product aims to be the easiest and most affordable on the market. And it is a great way for anyone to record everyday special moments while remaining immersed in their life with no need to hassle with huge learning curves to properly fly. The unit air picks is pocket-sized and extremely lightweight a smartphone app is available that allows for autonomous flight without the need for user interface. The drone comes with a 12 megapixel camera that can capture videos at resolutions unto 1080p and 30 frames per second also equipped with 8 gigabytes of on-board storage air picks. Even allows gesture control so that you can fly the device without needing a smartphone. The quality of this drone is unsurpassed for the price range.

Air Pen Scanner scan

Air Pen Scanner is an OCR digital highlighter and reader that is designed for use with all major tech platforms including Windows Mac iOS and Android. This product can be used to instantly scan notes to your computer smartphone or tablet so that you no longer have to type everything that you may have jotted down during a presentation or conference call. You can even translate your scanned text into 40 different languages or read your notes aloud while scanning. Scanned markers patented technology claims to deliver incredibly fast scans and translations with the marker being extremely durable and ergonomic allowing for effortless scanning. The market can be ordered and delivered worldwide and even offers a 12 month warranty. If you decide to buy the pen and aren’t completely satisfied you can even return it within 30 days.

Ember Mug II

The Ember Mug II is a newly redesigned version of the previous model simply known as ember mug. The device is a rechargeable coffee mug that can keep your coffee hot for over one and a half hours. However if you elect to leave your mug on the provided recharging station you can keep your beverages warm for the entire day or longer. If you choose the mug can be paired with your smartphone to allow you to dial in your preferred temperature design customize presets and even receive notifications about your drink. The ember mug contains sensors within the cup that can detect when to turn off and on without the need for user interface. If the mug has remained untouched for a preset amount of time it will turn itself off to save power and battery life. The mug is hand washable and made of stainless steel that should never rust or tarnish over time.


Stellina is a product unlike any other to reach consumer marketplaces Stellina is a newly designed telescope that can capture remarkably clear visuals of nearby stars nebulas and galaxies like never before. The simplified user interface allows nearly anyone to be able to control the device and locate portions of the incredible outer space that surrounds us. The device simply needs to be aimed at the night sky and can then be controlled through a smart device with no need for a full-size computer.


Miko is a product designed for children and can help your child learn conversational techniques while playing. The product can document and remember certain faces and can even hear and understand your baby’s language. Miko can speak and initiate conversation and even continue with conversations to keep your BAE involved. The device can express emotions and look for natural cues from your child to better understand your baby’s needs. This device is packed with teaching abilities to help your child learn the most that he or she can at a young age.

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