How to Create a Successful App

How to Create a Successful App

We’re living in a world that already has 5 million apps for iPhones and androids both combined and they’re available for general public’s use on Google Play Store, for androids, and App store, for iOS (iPhone), and the number of apps is expected to only grow as we go forward in the future. With this huge number of apps that is still getting larger every day, it’s safe to assume that we now have an app available for, literally, everything. 

Having an app for everything means, that there are apps that are very useful for the people and are a success for their developers, from a business aspect, and it also refers to the fact that there are tons of apps out there which make no sense at all and they are totally useless and not successful when we look at them from a business point of view. 

create a successful app

The question now arises, how to create iOS and android app that is both useful to the public and also earns good revenue for the developers? Well, it’s very simple. If the developed app is useful to the public than there’s a very big chance that it’ll earn good revenues too. But it all really depends if the people you’re targeting are aware of the apps existence. An app can’t possibly generate revenues if people don’t know about it and don’t download it. The number of downloads are positively related with the amount of money you can generate from a particular app.

There’s not a particular formula for creating a successful app but there are certain steps, if followed, can help greatly in the making of a successful app. If you’re somebody who is about to create iOS and android app then it would be highly recommended that you go ahead and follow these steps.

Market survey

Before you start with the actual development of the app, it’s highly recommended that you should conduct a thorough survey and research the market for the gap that exists between the needs of the people and the solutions that are already available in the market. Once you’re done with the survey you’ll be able to point out the gap that exists and this will enable you to cater to the needs of people which aren’t being catered currently.

You know the saying “need is the mother of invention”. If, in this step, you’re successfully able to identify the problem then you have a better chance of solving it through your product. And a thorough market survey will help you greatly in identifying the needs and problems of the people you’re targeting.

Problem Identification

Analysis of the survey and brain storming with your team will help you in discovering the problems people might be facing. Critical analysis is required in this step because if you identify something other than what people need and require than the problem will not get solved and even if you do manage to come up with a product it won’t be catering to the target market’s requirements. This will not only waste your efforts as a developer but it will also waste your time and money.

Coming with alternate solutions

As the step suggests, here you’re required to come up with different viable solutions to the problems or problem that you have previously identified. You might want to come up with a solution that would cater to all the given problems or you might want to cater each problem separately. Depends on what type of product you’re willing to design.

Choosing the right alternative

After you have successfully lined up different ways to solve the previously identified problem, you are now required to choose the best option amongst them. You’re required in this step to choose the option which you and your team think might be the best possible solution out of all the other options that you had. This step requires a lot of attention and focus because this is where you plan your product, in this case your app.

Developing the app

In this step, you will be doing the actual development of your app. All the features and designs that you want your app to have will be incorporated in this step. You need to develop the product according to what you have already planned and make it operational.

Testing your product

It’s always best to test your product before you launch it. This testing will help you in finding out any problems that exist in your app and you can work on them and make your app bug free before it hits the market. A faulty product is the last thing you would want to launch in the market. 

Regular improvements and updates

This step refers to the idea of always keeping pace with the new technology. Constantly updating your product will ensure the survival and success of your product and also your reputation as a developer.


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