7 Biggest Advantages of Using HTTPS instead of HTTP

7 Biggest Advantages of Using HTTPS instead of HTTP

With the advancement in technology, the digital market becomes the need of every business. As you start building your website, it is important for you to ensure the responsive design that attracts your customer. Despite, the attractiveness, it is also important to ensure the security of your site. In recent years, many hackers get active in stealing the data on the website. Now, 2020, people prefer secure and safe website browsing, for which website uses HTTPS.

HTTPS or hypertext transfer protocol secure socket layer plays a vital role in making the data process and transaction securely from one end to other. Building a website is not all about selecting a domain name and getting registered through Pknic domain registrars, but also you need to secure your website.

A website that uses HTTP isn’t protected by SSL, therefore there is no data encryption. While HTTPS offers many advantages discussed in this blog.

1- Encrypted Connection

The term HTTPS isn’t the opposite of HTTP, but you can call as an improved version. The Hypertext transfer protocol with S is powered by transfer layer security which is basically a successor to secure socket layer. This technology establishes an encrypted connection between the web server and browser, ensuring the security of data.

The biggest advantage of using HTTPS is the direct transfer of the data without even getting tempered. This is the reason it is reliable in protecting data against third-party and hackers. HTTPS or SSL certificate can be in any form like single domain, multi domain or wildcard SSL. You need to select the type of certificate as per site’s requirement.

2- Google Ranking

As Google aims to provide a secure and safe internet for everyone, it changes the policies since July 2017. With every website which uses HTTP there will be a sign appears from the google to indicate the users that the site they are browsing isn’t safe. The warning appeal on the URL bar not only increase the bounce rates but will also damage the SEO of any HTTP site. Therefore, using HTTPS instead of HTTP gives the advantage to rank on google more easily.

3- Enhance Customer Confidence

A secure padlock indicating that a website is safe to browse and submit data, enhance the customer’s confidence. This helps in making your customers rely on you more confidently. This is one of the biggest advantages of using HTTPs for your site.

4- Search Value

Having HTTPS gives you the advantage of being more valuable than those having HTTP. According to Google, if two web pages are equal in other aspects, but one of them uses HTTPS, then google will give advantage to the HTTPS site.

5- Mobile Technology

No modern business can overlook mobile technology. Making sure the site is mobile friendly by considering the different factors, is crucial to grow in the digital world. To optimize the domain for the smartphone, Google’s accelerated mobile page is used rapidly, but only applicable for HTTPS sites. This is one of the important advantages you get by using HTTPS.

6- Increase Conversion

As more people search for the secure connection and are always conscious about sharing their personal details to a website, they won’t submit to HTTP browsers. Therefore, the increase in conversion is likely to happen when you use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

7- Eliminates Risk of Cyber Attacks

Using HTTPS gives you the advantage of getting protected against cyber-attacks and phishing. As the SSL authenticates the web browser and server connections, it also helps to restrict the cyber-attacks that can damage your website.

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