10 Awesome Growth Hacking Tools to Sum Up Business Output

10 Awesome Growth Hacking Tools to Sum Up Business Output

The idea of growth hacking was first introduced in 2010 by an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, Sean Ellis. Since its conception, the concept of growth hacking has already been misconstrued. Many people still believe that business growth hacking is all about controlling, manipulating and gaming the system. But, in reality, it is not true as it is not related to wrong-doing. Growth hacking is all about looking at the services and products across diverse channels and tools to figure out efficient and effective techniques to extend and grow the business while summing up the business output. So, In this article, you will able to see the awesome growth hacking tools to sum up business output.
The small business owner usually has limited resources for marketing and promotion, and they use eccentric techniques to grow and flourish their business. So, Growth Hacking is the process of combining marketing, product design, and data to drive customer growth and figure out the business output. There are multiple tools used by best digital marketing companies to simplify the jobs related to growth hacking. Here is the list of useful growth hacking tools that can help you sum up your business output while helping your business grow.

1. Marketo

Marketo - growth hacking tool

Marketo is the all-rounder marketing automation tool to empower marketing campaigns across varied platforms. From marketing and automation to insightful analytics, it has all features required for successful digital marketing. It offers different solutions for different marketing requirements, and each has a unique set of functions and features. It includes features like account-based marketing, lead management, consumer marketing, email marketing, revenue acknowledgment, mobile marketing and more.

2. CrowdFire


CrowdFire is the on-the-go social media manager for your business. From publishing content to discovering best posts and analyzing and managing ROI, CrowdFire is your best partner for all social media marketing needs. The tool even looks after and monitors the social mentions and manages all the social accounts for your business.

3. ProProfs Lead Quiz

ProProfs Lead Quiz Maker- lead generation tool

It is the tool that lets users create lead quizzes, and it helps in boosting the lead generation for businesses by 200%. You can create a quiz and customize the results to make it go viral. It can be integrated easily with other marketing tools while helping you customize messages on social sharing and gather useful customer data. Apart from traffic boost and social promotion, the tool also offers insightful reports with seamless integration.

4. Zapier

Zapier- growth hacking tool

It is the best automation tool that lets you connect with multiple applications for automation of workflows and seamlessly transferring data. The tool is used to automate daily tasks and boost productivity.

5. TribeBoost

tribeboost - awesome growth hacking tool

TribeBoost is the tool for social media marketing and widely used by influencers, SaaS businesses and start-ups to expand their social reach. It is the automation tool for the growth of the audiences on social platforms and helps your followers engage with targeted and high-quality content. The best part is that the specialized team of TribeBoost does all the hard work for you once you opt for their services.

6. OptinMonster

optinmonster-business growth tool

OptinMonster is the lead generation tool with a built-in OptinMonster A/B testing function to help marketers make data-driven decisions to increase revenue and conversions. The tool allows you to conduct A/B testing for content marketing campaigns and get insight reports for improvement of landing page conversions and audience engagement in a better way.

7. Mailbird


Mailbird is the email client for Windows, and it works to manage multiple accounts seamlessly in one unified inbox. It allows you to customize the layout while integrating your clients with all your highly preferred applications.

8. ListBuilder

List Builder

ListBuilder is another tool that lets you extend your marketing reach while heightening the email list. With this tool, you can sync your existing marketing system and POS with email marketing software to boost business processes and efficiency.

9. Bitly


With Bitly, marketers can shorten, brand and track URLs using the customized domain name. Since it is the link management platform, it lets you optimize and manage your links seamlessly for the growth of scale and audiences.

10. Unbox Social

Unbox Social

Unbox Social is the social media marketing tool that is best suited for influencer marketing, and it helps in identifying influencers, tracking and evaluating brand performance. It helps you to make data-driven decisions and improvise your social media marketing.
So, these were some of the best and ultimate growth hacking tools for smart marketers. You may seek help from an experienced SEO company in Gurgaon to learn more about other growth hacking tools that can help sum up business output and help your business grow.
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