How Website Development Is The Factor Behind More Customers For Travel Business?

How Website Development Is The Factor Behind More Customers For Travel Business?

Being a part of a competitive industry, travel businesses are randomly looking for technological advancement and profitable avenues. This is done to expand the number of products and services offered. One of the examples of technical innovation is travel website development towards which every company is moving.

A hike can be seen in the demand of B2B and B2C travel websites can be observed frequently in the US, India, and UAE. Companies are either maintaining in house website development and maintenance or taking services from professionals outside.  A travel website is becoming a crucial element but the question arises is what it defines? Let’s learn it further

What Is Travel Website Development?

Travel website development services  is the creation of a travel reservation portal that offers support in booking travel services such as flight, hotel, bus, train and other.  It does not matter whether the user is searching for a domestic or international one. This is an automated online booking system that meets the need of TMC’s, travel aggregators, B2B/B2C tour operators and others in the travel industry. Every professional website development company provides services like consultation, creation, and travel API integration, B2B and B2C portal management, etc.  only the development of the travel portal is not enough as it requires integration with API to get the best results. Here are the features that must be present in a portal.

Salient Features

Flight Booking System 

This feature link a travel business website to various airline service providers and air charter service. This is done using an API. This further collects the information about the online inventory of flight tickets from the backend database and upload it on the frontend. It displays the information in a customer-friendly way. Once the user finalizes a product and service, The page redirects them to the final booking page which is linked by a payment gateway. 

Hotel Booking System

A travel service does not offer comfort until it does not comprise of best stay option for travelers. This is the reason that every travel business website consists of a hotel booking system. This allows a user to search from various hotels and book the one which best suits their need. API integration helps the hotel business maintain data at GDS from where travel businesses can collect this. A booking system offers real-time data to user which facilitate the seamless booking. No matter what type of budget a user as they can use the advanced search filters. It shows the result as per the exact need of the customer. When you select a hotel the API takes the user to the booking page.  The development company is the one who supports in right integration of travel API and ultimately provides a good browsing experience to users.

Car Booking System  

This booking system resembles the endless options for the vehicle on rent. When the user chooses the specific option he will be redirected to the final booking page for the complete reservation of a vehicle. 

Bus Booking System

This API offers the highly recommended alternatives in buses in different cities. The customer will choose the proper option and will be proceeded to the final payment page. This is to be done by using API. Website development organizations design CMS driven packages by analyzing customer requirements and concerns. It could be completed by examining queries from an online form.

Latest Foreign Exchange

Responsive travel websites include an admin module to show the updated foreign exchange rates to empower the customers in taking their purchase decision. Credit card payments are become possible due to the integrated payment gateway.

Payment Gateway Integration 

This is the most crucial part of the entire integration process. If you have completed the travel API integration for flight, hotel, car rental and not integrated the payment gateway all the efforts will be a waste. A payment gateway helps the user in completing payment through various payment means such as credit card, visa card, MasterCard and others. 

Agent Accounts

The adaptable admin console is identified before designing a travel website. The agent enrolled in it can use the login feature to submit funds into their authorized account as per the specifications. They can book flight tickets or hotel rooms by using their deposit account. Several options include

  • Offer creation of sub-agent account 
  • Examine the booking reports
  • Review booking status
  • Show API’s to canceled reservations
  • Examine the total amount received and records
  • Develop immediate statement for commission

The most relevant element of website development includes captivating and customer-friendly interface, necessary page navigation as well as SEO-driven website. It is advisable to choose a technology development company with experience in B2B Or B2C portal development, a customer-friendly platform and can effectively manage API for bookings and accommodations. 


Technological innovation is the need of the hour. API integrated website development is one of the examples of the same. Must take recommendation from a professional for better results.


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