PPC advertising and SEO: Some Practical Tips

PPC advertising and SEO: Some Practical Tips

In the conditions of widespread digitalization, all website owners, without exception, need to promote their business on the Internet. At the same time, the main sources of traffic are website promotion in search engines and contextual advertising. 

Clients often come to our company and ask which channel will be more profitable: SEO or contextual advertising. The answer is the same in many cases: the best option is to use everything together. These channels complement each other and help you achieve faster, more ambitious results than when used alone. Of course, the effect will be with the right strategy and well-coordinated work of departments. To shape such a strategy, you need to know where and how channels help each other. Actually, this is what our article is about.

Key features of paid advertising and SEO 

Search Engine Promotion

SEO is a long game. You get the first tangible results in 2-3 months, provided that the work is going in the right direction. You can hire SEO services Sydney to speed up and organize your SEO.

  • Organics in the long run is a cheaper channel than contextual advertising. With proper progress, the CPC should decline.
  • For each project, you need to choose the correct and individual promotion strategy. Checklists won’t work here.
  • SEO is a set of work that needs to be done on the internal and external components of the site.
  • A significant portion of Webline Promotion’s clients turn to PPC and SEO services, so we have a lot of groundwork for building a comprehensive strategy for these channels. Let’s talk about the main ones.
  • Reallocation of the budget and presence in the search results on the first page

Website promotion in search engines is not a matter of one week, you have to wait at least 2-3 months for a significant and noticeable result.

Paid Ads

Usually, the result is achieved after the first days or weeks of advertising campaigns.

In the long term, this is a more expensive channel for attracting customers than search engine optimization.

There are many tools in the CD arsenal. In addition to the search engine, this is advertising in networks, “catching up” advertising – retargeting, advertising in mail, when watching videos, etc.

Contextual advertising can be easily integrated with analytics systems and provides access to statistics.

In the case of a complex, at the beginning of cooperation, we launch advertising on the search for all the main and priority keywords. When the site gets to the first page of search results for priority requests, we gradually suspend these requests in contextual advertising. This allows you to save your budget, redistribute it to other traffic sources, and also eliminate traffic cannibalization (when one source “eats” another). This is not the final action, because there are still competitors in advertising who can take traffic for themselves. Therefore, further we analyze for some time (for each project a certain period), whether there is a drawdown in traffic, and we are already deciding whether to stop advertising.

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