Image Colorizer Review: Honest Review of Free Image Colorizer App

Image Colorizer Review: Honest Review of Free Image Colorizer App

We have come a long way since the first photograph was taken in 1826. Over a span of decades, digital technology followed, shaped, and reshaped the entire photography industry with a number of editing- apps powered by revolutionary AI technologies that molded the way we see photography today.

Back in the beginning, when this spectacular piece of innovation came to people’s hands, it was the size of a breadbox and used to take 23 seconds to take a single black and white picture. Although the technology was in its initial stage and far from the technology, we see today in the form of digital cameras we use today, it sparked the change in the world.

The time changed but the memory captured in those black and white prints remained untouched and unmoved. As many belief- every picture tells a story, but the question is, aren’t they lifeless without colors?

For centuries, scientists and inventors tried to colorize black and white photos to shed some light on the photographer’s intentions and the one who was being photographed. Over the years, technology took the lead in its own hands and introduced a range of image colorizer apps to achieve this goal.

Image Colorizer Apps- Highlighting The Story Behind The Pictures

The reason why Image colorizer and photo colorizer gained popularity among the people who have stocks of black and white in their grandma’s trunk is mainly because the application doesn’t only add the color in the images but also adds a whole new perspective in the images taken in the long-forgotten time. While it might not seem like a big deal to many, but for some, this drastically improved the appeal of the overall picture and even sparked interest in history.

Sooner, colorize apps became a new way to connect, engage, and experience the history of old photographs. Thanks to technological advancement, we have hundreds of colorizing tools available in the market. However, among all these tools, Image Colorizer- powered by technology of the new generation, is arguably one of the best image colorizer software. Backed by advanced AI and Machine learning, the image colorizer transforms your image by identifying and using proper colors and palettes for it. Instead of randomly guessing like a human, Image colorizer keeps a massive database of captured images to recognize patterns to produce high-quality results.  

Image colorizer- a favorite app for your mobile and desktop

While you can easily find and use the web version of picture colorizer on any device with a browser, the tool also has its free app for both Android and iOS users. As both versions of the app use identical algorithms, there will be no difference in the quality of results it delivers.  

Benefits Of Imagine Colorizer

AI technology: As mentioned earlier, imagine colorizer comes with the AI technology designed to colorize the black and white photos accurately. The technology itself ensures your pictures are colored properly, eliminating the need for extensive editing knowledge and skills.

In-built photo editing tools: Taking the creativity one step ahead, the app doesn’t only colorize your old black and white photos but also allows you to optimize them to match your vision. You can also use features like hue, sharpen, and radius to control how the edited picture looks.

Image support: Image colorizer comes with the extensive image support to ensure your creativity is not limited to only specific photos. In terms of image format, it supports JPG, JPEG, and PNG with 3,000×3,000 pixels with a file size of 4MB.

What Problems Will Image Colorizer Solve?

Old black and white photos belong to old technology, and adding colors to these pictures may require extensive photo-editing knowledge and skills in platforms like photoshop. Image colorizer offers a platform where you can rely on AI and machine learning technology to bring your old photos to life without editing yourself. All you have to do is upload the image on the platform and download it once done.


Restoring the old photographs through image colorizer will only add a new perspective in the whole picture, but convey a deep meaning for modern-day people who have lost themselves in the hassle of their busy lives.

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