MilesWeb Review: Is MilesWeb Best to Go for WordPress?

MilesWeb Review: Is MilesWeb Best to Go for WordPress?

There were days where typical hosting were offering common solutions and there are also specific needs based on CMS and this things happened in managed services are much better and convenient. 

This post “Best Managed WordPress Hosting in India” analyzes the most commonly available managed hosting solutions in the market we started testing many hosting company and find out which one can be the next best host for you. Cheap WordPress hosting is not easy to find nowadays there are plenty of hosting options but you need to find out the right hosting. Cheap WordPress hosting is not easy to find nowadays there are plenty of hosting options but you need to find out the right hosting. Check out this blog as WP Dev Shed says all necessary info about choosing essential WordPress hosting.

We’ve gone to great lengths to create this guide to make it easier for you, the user, to get the cheapest possible hosting for your money. Based on the performance and infrastructure – they offered the best value for money for any WordPress user looking to host their website on a budget.

In terms of WordPress hosting company that stood out due to their incredible performance and affordability I would suggest you for MilesWeb for your WordPresss hosting. MilesWeb stands out from the competitors due to their incredible performance and affordability.

There are some fundamental things that every WordPress host should understand. Making your independent choice on price might affect you in long term. There are some crucial things that need to look out for choosing the best wordpress hosting for WordPress. 

best wordpress hosting

MilesWeb has been one of the best in hosting game from the past 8 years. They have excellent features to seek their attention and performance is concerned they are the best. MilesWeb today stands among the top web hosting providers and gained customers within very less time span recognized for customer satisfaction, they aim at offering the best web hosting service to their clients. Right from shared hosting wordpress hosting cloud they offer all types of web hosting services under one roof.

Let’s check at their WordPress hosting 

Get the Best Performance with this – 

Fast SSD Storage: 

SSD uses the flash technology that helps in to store data faster rate as compared to HDDs.  They offer the fast SSD Storage that rate as compared to HDDs. SSD are offered in each hosting plan. 

Built For Performance:

They offer latest Intel Xeon processors with SSD Storage with hardware RAID 10. Their WordPress hosting plans are built for better performance.

Cloudflare Railgun

They help you to make connection between you and your web server the Cloudflare CDN as speedily as possible.  

GZIP/Botli Compression:

The gzip compression software included in their WordPress hosting plans helps to improve the delivery time for sites of all sizes. Additionally, it reduces the amount of data sent from your server to the visitor’s browser and boosts your website speed. Furthermore, it helps to reduce the load on the server. 


Integrated CDN in the WordPress hosting helps to increase the reach and performance of your website which improves your visitors’ user experience globally. Their CDN uses the gzip compression to decrease the data size and bandwidth cost, provides high-availability and helps in fast page loads. 

milesweb features

Other features as follows 

Automatic WordPress Updates:
Your WordPress core gets automatically updated by the software at the backend. As they keep a track on new WordPress and ensure the updates related to critical WordPress platform get updated. 

WordPress Pre-Configured

WordPress Pre-Configured:
WordPress is already configured on your WordPress hosting which saves your time of setting up and configuring it.

Fast Provisioning:
You can launch your next website project in just a few minutes due to the scalable cloud architecture.

Datacenter Choice:
You get datacenter choice according to your choice according to your target location.

SFTP Access:
You can transfer the files in a secure way between networked hosts with SFTP file transfer.

Interacting with your website becomes easy using WP-CLI from the command line or programmatically.

Conclusion – 

Here is the unbiased review for best WordPress hosting offered by MilesWeb. It can be hard to determine which ones are excellent for value of your money and overall performance. They are budget friendly which makes an proper sense to get started your hosting with them. It is more worthy than your consideration and great to go with.

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