The Internet knows you better than your spouse does!

The Internet knows you better than your spouse does!

In the 21st century, we are being shattered by several things and united by teeny-weeny matters around us. Technical geeks build our life in every aspect of technological advancements. We are undergoing invisible interrogation every day. Knowingly as well as unknowingly, we have a bridge between techies and data processors who know us better than anyone else. Craving for fascinating things swirls us towards the glamorous side of the World. The Internet keeps tracking us 24/7. Our choices and tastes change with time as we people always wish to get the best out of everything that prevails. Even our family members and close friends fail to know things as circumstances keep on changing. But the Internet scans from tip to toe of a person with a particular frequency of information you give them at regular intervals. The Internet tracks down people based on demographic classification, which helps them to feed them up with the numerous data and posts them updated for their own sake.

This is how we fall in the trap and share information

Google is a powerful search engine in our country. We use Gmail as our identity to enter the digital World, which captures our footprint and finds where we are landing and ending up. It gives the privilege to track down our movement. Multiple diagonals will undergo scanning up to know more about our purchasing power and consumer behavior.

We people exchange our personal information for free trials/ offers/ subscriptions/ fitness tips/ fashion ideas/ beauty tips. This is the base for building up an empire “THE INTERNET.” People with different mindsets attract like-minded folks and form a community to nurture their ideologies. To carry out this activity, we use social media platforms. Social media takes personal information as well as interest in field activities.

It is quite hilarious that even food apps such as swiggy and zomato know your favorite dish, and also it keeps you posted with changes in the menu/ combos/ offers of your favorite restaurant. It even reflects the frequency of order you placed and the repetition of a specific dish where even your spouse fails to alarm their actions at times.

We people would enable cookies at several websites, which will track us down. Specific products and offers amplify our curiosity and create an urge to know about it in detail. This is the cringe of ordinary people’s thought-process, which in turn showers the business people with data. You should always monitor your system to keep yourself aware about as many things possible.

This can be electrified easily with an example. Mr. Nishanth wants to book a couple of flight tickets to Dubai. Indeed he searches for budget hotels and intra-city transportation facilities on a tourism-related website. It will be adjourned with a hotel review website, where he will research about the review of a hotel from another travel geek who has already enchanted the experience of that place. Similarly, he will get the notification by a travelogue from a local tour agency who would state an easy trip. The travel agent will assume that he will take care of visa procedures, flight tickets, and other amenities. Simultaneously he will be notified from a large e-commerce site that pops up ads of trolleys/ toiletries/ outfits which may complete his trip. When Mr. Nishanth views a costume of a particular brand on a specific website, he will receive the notification with several offers and discounts of the same brand from its competitor/ sister website.

The Internet transmits information faster than a neurological transmitter. It processes like a chain reactor, which generates more lead every second for a specific brand. We often claim to choose trendy products. The update is the only change that can be changed every day. Our liking factors and choices keep on changing base with the circumstances of our lifestyle. The Internet tries to capture the new addiction in a shorter period and expose you to the fancy place of your original intent.

Our lifestyle and uniqueness are being pooled with the million other pieces of data. Pop-ups and messages are notifying us to intimate the progress of the World. Whatever strikes our mind, there will be an adrenaline rush to know about it in detail. We are allowed to research a particular topic/ product/ service in brief, and it depends upon the requisite level in our life. If something is really indispensable and merely costly, we will invest hours to make a decision. We also feel quite comfortable to dig out the answers for tabooed topics and weed out a few anti-social elements from our life. We will neither be judged nor greeted for any interaction with the Internet. We get to know about the details, and still, we are left to be decisive. This is nowadays capturing the priority of expressing our thought-process than one’s parents/ spouse.

The famous saying, “No one knows you better than you,” is now being overlapped by the statement, “The Internet knows you more than anyone else than you think.” We truly abide by this statement as there is a substantial exhibition of bitter reality in today’s scenario.

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