Quntis- Good Light for Workaholics and Night Owls

Quntis- Good Light for Workaholics and Night Owls

Quntis – Review

I am writing this review after using this product for more than 6 months.

quntis review

As a workaholic person who spent most of the time sitting in front of a LED screen, I always wanted to have a flickering free anti-blue light that can illuminate my workspace while ensuring no glare is on the screen. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this Quntis screen light bar that comes with a unique asymmetrical optical design and advanced eye protection. Made of Aluminum Alloy, PC, and ABS, this computer desk lamp is sturdy yet an amazing addition to your home.

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Quntis Computer Monitor Lamp

The installation was easy and sensitive touch control and auto-dimming design allowed me to control it with the tip of my finger. No more wrestling with the cord to turn it on and off. The in-built sensor automatically adjusts the brightness as per the comfort and surrounding. When I work late hours in the dark, I simply touch the auto-dimming key and the monitor light reaches the highest brightness. In short, you won’t need any other room light for your workspace as it is enough to cover the whole area. However, what I love the most about this lamp is its space-saving design and ease of power through the computer or phone charger. It is stable and easy to fix on top of your computer to get the right amount of light.

Screen Monitor Light Bar for Eye Caring

I don’t know whether you guys will believe it or not but the quality I received was amazing at such a low price.  Even after 6 months, the lamp is working great and illuminating my space without any problems. If you are looking for a relevant gift for your tech-savvy friends and family then, it is an ideal choice for you.

Screen Monitor Light Bar for Eye Caring

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