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Which AI Techniques Are Used In Chatbots

Chatbots are known as computer programs that imitate real human conversation through text or audio. This smart technology has become a valuable asset for organizations. Customer service chatbots communicate all information to users, work to solve problems, and also helps

AI Has Made Computer So Authoritative That It Can Detect COVID-19 Symptoms

The alarm that the first ringed COVID-19 pandemic situation is here. It is first told by computers only, not through a human. From there, all credit goes to Artificial intelligence in spreading the outbreaks illness at all social media platforms,

How Artificial Intelligence Makes Firms Quick to Seize Upon

In this decade, we have to experience the world’s best technology, from Smartphones to virtual reality. Everything we can do manually now can be done with the help of technology. This not only saves money but increase productivity and efficiency.

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6 Doubts About Virtual Reality You Should Clarify

Virtual reality is something which most of the people have heard of or might have a little idea of what technology is all about. As