Best Web Developer Tools in 2020

Best Web Developer Tools in 2020

Due to technological progress and the popularity of web and mobile development, there are many advanced tools on the market today that make it easier or more convenient for developers. Thanks to this, today you can use proven libraries, code written by other developers, use modern collaboration tools, improve your workflow and get more options when it comes to complex technical work. Powerful version control systems allow you to track large amounts of data and avoid small errors. From add-ons and plug-ins to code-optimizing processors, there has never been so much opportunity to create incredible applications or services. These tools can assist you create a website, but for a more professional work, you will need to hire professional web developers or designers. We recommend choosing Professional web Design JB to get a more impressive and refined user experience. 

Today, there are many different tools that allow you to optimize the development as much as possible and make all the processes convenient and understandable. However, with this in mind, new development tools are emerging almost daily, and choosing the right and really best tools becomes a daunting task. To help with this challenging choice, we’ve compiled a list of web developer tools to help you get started easily.

For successful product development, a fairly impressive list of tools is usually required, which should cover all the needs of a specialist. Depending on the specific field of activity or the specifics of the work, different developers will do different tools, but a gentleman’s set should look something like this: a program for setting tasks and building work plans, a solution for controlling versions and storing source codes, a development tool and additional programs for optimizing processes …

Atlassian Jira interface

The most popular among developers of all stripes, and the most powerful tool in the industry, is Atlassian Jira .

Jira is a comprehensive tool that includes a large number of modules that allow you to customize the portal for planning and monitoring work, but the main purpose of Jira is a bug tracker. With the help of built-in tools, it is possible to create tasks, assign responsible persons, ensure work according to the Agile method, keep track of the deadlines for completing tasks, view project success statistics, and much more. Many world-renowned companies have been successfully using Jira for a long time in their daily work.

Jira is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to build work by integrating into a company’s business processes. A large number of third-party plugins from the developers themselves, or third-party companies, will help make your Jira instance a powerful combine for organizing all the work, both inside and outside the company. So, for example, you can add customers to Jira, where they will discuss and agree on a project along with project managers.

Jira exists both in local interpretation and in the cloud. This means that efficient work can be ensured even if team members are located in different parts of the world. Today, this is especially popular, in particular in the field of development, when a large number of companies, by default, work remotely.

GitLab interface

GitLab is positioning its eponymous tool as a full-cycle solution for DevOps. The main purpose for which this particular tool is chosen is to work with Git repositories. GitLab  is a functional tool where, in addition to working with Git repositories, different teams can build their own wiki system, CI / CD pipelines. This tool is important in development precisely because of its wide functionality in the repository storage system.

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