Top 7 AI-based paraphrasing tools to use in 2021

Top 7 AI-based paraphrasing tools to use in 2021

What Is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is a rewriting of the content while retaining its original meanings. In other words, it is a restatement of your passage. By Using the technique of paraphrasing, you can get distinctive and new content. Unique content is the king of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. The algorithm of Google automatically penalizes the websites that copy or steal content instead of creating new ones.

Thus If you want to appeal to more visitors, you better learn to create original content and, for this purpose, take assistance from some efficient and competitive paraphrasing tool.

Working of AI Paraphrasing Tools

An AI-based paraphrasing tool is functioned to process given sentences and a full-fledged article and rewrites it without changing its meaning. Such tools are infused with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology to ensure the high quality of paraphrased content. You must give a read to the text after paraphrasing it to avoid any possible risk of errors. Furthermore, double-check polishes your content and helps to retain the same idea as the original content.

There is a constant need for some AI-based paraphrasing tool to ensure that content is 100% plagiarism-free. After that, If you feel like your content is ready and has the potential to bring the marketing game to a new level, upload it. Before uploading, you must give a try to following 7 AI-based paraphrasing tools for your website.

Top 7 AI-based paraphrasing tools to use in 2021

Paraphrasing tool by Prepostseo

Paraphrase tool by Prepostseo offers the finest opportunity to rephrase your piece of writing online. It removes plagiarism by changing the sentence structure and replace the words with exact synonyms. This tool has advanced techniques and algorithms to paraphrase entered documents. People from every field, including students, experts, webmasters, and different service providers, can benefit from it. Some noticeable features of this tool are:

  • It offers you the option of Directly upload your files from the device. Just Select File type “.doc/.docx/.txt/.pdf” and upload it. It does not put any restrictions regarding format. While rewriting, it would never disturb the real meaning of written material.
  • To paraphrase the web content, copy the content from a respective website and paste it. Paraphrased content will be delivered within a short period with improved quality.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface
  • It is safe for SEO and is functioned to take care of SEO content without disturbing the structure of keywords. 
  • The final result will be completely plagiarism-free. The tool is free to use for an unlimited number of articles per day. It also offers a premium package for quick and precise results. This website offers you other tools like grammar checkers, plagiarism checkers, keyword density checkers, and many more to improve the quality of content.

Spin Rewriter 

It is another great online paraphrasing tool that offers many features such as stock photo integration, Mass export, bulk content spinning, and a lot more. This tool is supported by all kinds of devices and supports all spin tax styles. Some of its prominent features are:

  • It gives you the facility to compare your original content with the spun content. In this way, it would be easy to observe the difference.
  • It allows you to create up to 1000 variations of the original content in a matter of seconds.  
  • It is a cloud-based paraphrasing tool that means you can access the content from anywhere, anytime.
  • The tool is infused with ENL semantic technology to keep the original concept of the content intact.
  • This paraphrasing tool provides detailed video tutorials for your complete understanding.

Spinner Chief

The unique feature of this paraphrasing tool is that it can work on the web and the desktop. Androids, iPhones, and IPads also support it. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that it is a very pocket-friendly tool focused on rewriting your articles, blog posts, thesis, and many more in no time.  

Content Professor

This tool is a big treat for content creators as it can reproduce a huge number of articles within 30 seconds. Therefore, you can pick this paraphrasing tool whenever you want to flood the website with original and personal writings in a very minimum period.  

Chimp Rewriter:

This is an Artificial Intelligence-based paraphrasing tool with an inbuilt Natural Language Processing system to permit deep search, understand the article precisely, and then rewrite it in a couple of seconds. With this tool, you can create articles in different languages simultaneously by just clicking one button.

Word AI

  • It is highly advanced and powered with Artificial Intelligence.
  • AI technology makes it able to create a unique and attractive article and offers a very convenient interface, so it is easy to use for everyone.
  • It offers its users API, which empowers Word AI to interact with other tools to assure the content’s deep scanning and uniqueness.
  • Many languages, such as Italian, Spanish, French, English, etc., are supported by this tool.
  • It is famous for refining the articles using identical verdicts to retain the articles’ original concept.

 Scholarly Paraphrasing Tools

If you are doing academic writing, then paraphrasing your work is the most important step to increase your work’s credibility. As an academic writer, you have to take material from previous research to quote them or rewrite them to avoid plagiarism in your text. You can use this scholarly paraphrasing tool to rewrite and restate the sentences whenever you need.

Numerous tools claim to rewrite the academic text, but their choice of words damages the quality of content. So you are required to pick the most competent rephrasing tool to deliver high-quality content. This tool is all in one package that assure good quality and offers a good collection of expressions for academic writing.


Paraphrasing tools play their role as a solution to the conscientious process of re-creation of the content in a precise way to avoid plagiarism. Furthermore, it is very crucial to keep the meaning of the paragraph intact. AI-based paraphrasing tools consider this need while reconstructing a new passage and retain the original concept as well. They serve their services with just one click to deliver genuine and flawless results in a matter of seconds.

These tools are simple, affordable, and easily accessible, along with proof-reading and editing services anytime and anywhere.

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