How Enterprise Mobile App Development is Beneficial to Your Business

How Enterprise Mobile App Development is Beneficial to Your Business

As we all know the pace at which technology is keep on evolving.  We live in the world of modernization where we make endless use of technology be it in the form of mobile, PC, etc.  We can easily find information about particular topics on our mobile. Everyone seems so addicted to their mobile phones in grabbing the information or updates. So, we can easily come to the point that nobody lives without their mobile phones.

For most people, mobile apps make their life much easier and simpler. By seeing the maximum usage of mobile apps among the people, most of the businesses try to incorporate the use of various mobile apps for their business purpose. They can take the help of Mobile App Development Company for developing the app for their business purpose, which proves to be fruitful for them upto some extent.

increase in the sale of Smartphone’s and tablets

In this graph, we can clearly see the increase in the sale of Smartphone’s and tablets. We can see that by the end of 2019, 2.1 billion units were sold out.

So we can clearly state that, with the increase in sales, there is also an increase in development of enterprise mobile apps. So, with the increase in demand of cell phones, mobile app development companies try to meet their demand by making various apps for the enterprises.

Source: Appinventiv

What is an Enterprise Application?

Enterprise Application

Enterprise application is mostly used in firms for performing and doing the work efficiently. It can be used to regulate the workflow within the organization. This app can be the collection of the tutorial, training programmed to enhance the skills of the employees and some other certification course related to the firm.

The use of these applications can influence the industry’s sales, competitiveness in the market and many more. It is highly efficient in providing better communication among the employees and other than this, it helps in generating more revenue for the business.

Types of Enterprise Application Software:

Basically, there are three types of it.

  1. Employee Level:  This type of app is basically for the employees for only internal purposes. It helps in assisting the managers to get the vital information about the ongoing projects. With this app, the manager can easily get along with the project without any delay. He can quickly take a glance at the ongoing work within the organization.
  1. Department Level: As the name suggests, this type of app is helpful at the various departments of the firm be it at financial or at the marketing department. Like at the marketing development, they can communicate with the customers for feedback, which helps in improving the business reputation and also helpful in increasing the growth of the Company.
  1. Company Level: At this level, each and every department of the company is getting connected in one single network, which simply means, all the employees connected to the top management of the company every time. Depending upon the designated position of the employees they can access the company’s database according to the needs.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobile Application Development:

  • Make Your Business More Productive:  Enterprise mobile app helps in making the maximum use of the smarter technology by introducing the technology in the firm helps in improving the working environment which is directly proportional to the efficiency of the work. With the use of it, you can easily reduce the work of manual tasks which results in increasing the pace of the work.
  • Provide More Value to Customers: Most of the companies try to entice their customers at any level by giving the good level of service or some of the companies like Amazon, Star Bucks etc with mobile apps, providing the rewards or points to their customers. If you are a business owner and want to attract the customer towards you then you can simply interact with them for feedback. Based on that feedback you can easily improve your business.
  • Build a Stronger Brand:  Mobile apps are one of the best ways to get attached with the customer by interacting with them on a regular basis. With the use of the mobile app, you can easily create the brand awareness among the people.  By creating the app for your business, customers can easily get a look of your brand. This is the helpful way to educate the user and entice towards your brand. These days, most of the sectors make use of these mobile apps for generating the maximum revenue. 

Take a look at this chart, where most of the industries make use of the mobile apps.

chart, where most of the industries make use of the mobile app

You can clearly see that in the manufacturing industries 22% say the use of the mobile app automate the way we do business, 38% says that making use of the mobile app will change their way of doing business, and 31% says that mobilize existing web-based processes. Similarly for the IT/computer services, financial services, etc.

  • Connect Better with Customers: Mobile apps prove to be a game changer when the question comes of creating the bond between the customer and the business. If you introduced the mobile app in your business chances are that customers can easily interact with you and make a purchase easily without waiting to reach the physical store in normal opening hours. The main benefit of using the mobile app is that Customer can connect with you anytime and from anywhere, which helps in generating more revenues in terms of profit.

Mobile apps prove to be a game changer

This bar chart clearly depicts how the use of mobile apps proves to be a boon for the business. We can see that there is an increase of 38% in number of responses from the customer by improving the customer services, 24% increase revenue, 12% foster customer loyalty, 26% extend the experience from the web and 1% includes in others.

Source: BuildFire

  • Increase Accessibility: with the use of the mobile app, you can easily increase the accessibility of your business. It allows the business to send the notifications about changes that they have made in their product or updations. This user can also get in touch and stay up to date. This whole process helps in creating brand awareness and trust among the users. Some of the business can also give the discount on the purchase made by their old customers in order to retain them. Other than this, you can also provide some discount offers to entice the more consumers.
  • Retaining Loyal Customers: Mobile app provides the hassle free experience to their customers. The more simpler and interactive the mobile app, there is more probability of getting customer’s engagements on your brand. In order to retain the old customers, you can offer those coupons, vouchers, discounts on your products.

Monthly Minutes Per visitors

You can clearly see in the bar chart that native app users spend 18 times which means 201.8 min more time on mobile apps as compared to the mobile web which is 10.9 min.

Source: Appinventiv

  • Official Interaction with the Customers: you can easily interact with the customer if your business is involved in the e-marketing. You can make the use of powerful social media for creating awareness among the user about your brand so that they can interact with you irrespective of time.

Official Interaction with the Customers

This percentage clearly depicts the time spent on the mobile. here, we can see, 90% time is spent on mobile is on apps, 26% people search for the mobile apps on Search engine be it on Google, Firefox etc. with the time usage of mobile is keep on increasing to 58% and there is speculations in the business market that the download of business app will grow to 16% in next 5 years.

Source: Mindster

  • Website Creates Awareness And The App Makes The Sale: Most of the people find the use of mobile apps convenient for making searches at their idle time or in leisure time. People prefer to buy from the app rather than searching through the web. App makes their searching more simple and beneficial so we can say that with the use of the app for the business purpose helps in increasing the sale of the brand, which can’t be fully accomplished with the help of only web development. Apps in today’s time prove to be fruitful for many companies.
  • Boosting Workflow Efficiency: When it comes to maintaining the workflow of the company, then most of the company makes use of the business project management software like Jira, Trello and Zapier. Then some of the companies encounter the problem that some of the features are not available to them or not working properly. So, in this scenario, it is advisable to the company that they must make their own app for boosting the workflow into the company.
  • Points to Consider before Enterprise App Development:  Before going ahead with the integration of the app development for the enterprise, you must consider some main aspects of it. To find out more about it, keep on reading
  • Expectations of the employee from the app:  Employees at their workstations make the maximum use of the app for their work. So possibilities are that, they become used to those apps. In case, you want to introduce the app for your enterprise then you have to convince them and also provide them with a better interface and solution for changing the previous app.
  • Durability of mobile app: The next factor that you must consider is how long the mobile app will be compatible with the new upcoming mobile phones. Because technology is keeping on changing with pace, it’s better to contact the best mobile app development Services who provide the services of creating the app for your enterprise for longer durability.
  • Security concern: Now, the main question is regarding the security of a company’s confidential data. So for this you can choose the strong password for it, so that your company’s data will not be accessible to each employee unless you have given the permissions to some of your top designated employees.
  • Need IT Specialist: After integration of the mobile app, you can’t sit idle. In order to maintain the app, there is always a need for an IT specialist who can handle all the issues that may be encountered after the launch of the app. Sometimes, apps don’t respond quickly, so this problem can be solved by the IT specialist. If your app is for the iOS platform or android platform then you can take the help of iOS App Development Services and Android App Development Services.

With the increasing use of mobile apps the business also understands the demand of mobile app for their organization. It is necessary to maintain the productive workflow within the firm. The use of the mobile app is not only helpful in increasing the working efficiency of the employees but also helpful in providing the good and interactive working environment.

Ellocent Labs are one of the prominent names in the market for developing the mobile app, website development. We are using agile methods in the software development process, which is helpful in doing the frequent inspection.

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