Learn How to Activate a Boost Mobile SIM Card?

Learn How to Activate a Boost Mobile SIM Card?

What is Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile is a PDA specialist organization. At the point when you buy a telephone from Boost Mobile, it accompanies a SIM card that holds the client’s very own data, contacts, datebook, and other telephone data. The telephones won’t work without an actuated SIM card. The organization permits the client to effortlessly actuate the cards on the web, yet you should have your telephone and SIM card with you to enact the card.

Steps to Activate a Boost Mobile SIM Card

  1. Go to Boost mobile’s activation website or Visit https://activate.boostmobile.com/primary/activations-home
  2. Enter the 15 digit SIM identification number. You can get this number on the back of SIM card.
  3. Get the 15 digit IMEI number by removing the battery of your phone.
  4. Enter IMEI number on the website in the box that reads “IMEI ID.”
  5. Now select “Start Activation Process”.
  6. Now enter your activation PIN number. Get the PIN number on the plastic SIM card holder.
  7. Now select a phone number from the provided list. You only get to select the first three digits. The company will provide the last four digits.
  8. After that Click on the “Submit Request“.

Now you have done all the steps to activate a Boost mobile SIM card.

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