Why Your Business Needs VoIP In 2021

Why Your Business Needs VoIP In 2021

VOIP has become a buzzword nowadays. It is no surprise that deploying voice over Internet protocol telephony in business has many advantages. This is why many companies are moving from traditional PSTN telephony to VoIP. Many industries that rely on using telephony services are seeing the benefit of VOIP. This is why you’re seeing VOIP for dental offices, real estate, and healthcare being widely used.The VoIP services allow businesses to make calls over the internet and save their lot of bucks. Internet phone calls are much cheaper than PSTN calls. Not just that, apart from voice calling, you will get many other attractive features with VoIP solutions. In today’s Internet-driven world, it would be stupid to pay huge amounts of money for traditional telephony. 

In VoIP telephony, the voice data is first converted into data packets or digital signals and then transmitted to the final destination over the networks. At the recipient end, the data packet is again converted into an analog voice.

Many people have heard the myth that VoIP is not as secure as PSTN. Let me make this clear; VoIP calling uses encryption technology to send data packets over the internet and is completely safe and reliable. Another advantage is that you can make calls from any data-driven device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc. Not only that, some vendors also allow you to purchase a phone number of your choice for VoIP calls. If you haven’t already, consider the benefits of installing a business voip phone service for your business. If your organization is still using PSTN telephony for voice calling, you must read the following benefits of internet calling.


VOIP services are more cost-effective than PSTN. In traditional telephony, you need to pay on a per-call basis. Some telecommunication companies also offer fixed-rate plans for free callings.  However, ISD doesn’t come under the free plan. On the other hand, you just need a high-speed broadband connection for making VoIP calls. With VoIP, you can make unlimited local, national, and international calls over the internet without any extra charges

Works On Any Data-Driven Device

VoIP calls can be made with any Internet-powered device. You just have to install the VoIP app ( softphone software) on your phone, desktop, tablet, etc., and good internet connectivity. If you have data-driven devices, you do not need to spend a single penny in purchasing hardware. However, if you want to install a fixed telephone system in your office like a landline phone, you will have to buy a VoIP device or phone.


Scaling up the landline telephony is quite expensive as you need to add analog lines and buy hardware devices. The VoIP can be easily scaled up on the user demand. Unlike PSTN telephony, all the call handling and routing operations are performed on the cloud. 

Simple To Manage & Troubleshoot

Internet telephony systems require a very small amount of technical knowledge to run. If you belong to the category of non-technical person, VoIP will be a more comfortable and convenient option for you. The maintenance and troubleshooting of voice over internet protocol systems are easier than PSTN, as you don’t have to deal with a bunch of wire to diagnose the issue. 

Versatile Features

As mentioned above, VoIP is not just about voice calling, it offers many other advanced features like video conferencing, fax over IP, voice conferencing, software integration, text messages, etc. All these features of VoIP make it superior to PSTN.

Superior Conference Calls

With a traditional telephony system, you can talk to a single person at a time. The VoIP business services allow you to communicate with hundreds of people simultaneously. You can arrange high-quality group calls and conference calls with VoIP solutions. This will help you to become more competitive.

Enhance Employees Productivity

The ultimate goal of all businesses is to increase their revenue and profits, and the easiest way to achieve this is to increase employee efficiency. The VoIP solution allows employees to work comfortably from home and enhances their productivity. In addition, advanced features of Voice over Internet Protocol make employees multi-tasking and allow them to contact the customer from any location from mobile devices.

The Bottom Line -:

If you want your business to stand out in the crowd, you should switch to internet-based telephony today!

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