TikTok As The Best Corporate Communication Medium

TikTok As The Best Corporate Communication Medium

A set of actions engaged in monitoring and coordinating all external and internal communication is known as business communication. Apart from this broad description, business information is frequently condensed in only two aspects: the written word (external and internal reports, news releases, and mails) and the spoken word (external and internal presentations).

Isn’t It The Right Time To Broaden Your Horizons?

Could emoticons, Instagram pictures, influencers, and TikTok clips have such a role in the corporate sector in the age of social media? Of course, they play a significant role. They work efficiently to gain more Instagram followers, Facebook views, free TikTok likes trial, shares, and so on. 

The Shift From Formal To Informal Communication

Collaborative technologies like Twitter, Google Hangouts, & Microsoft Teams are driving the march towards more informal corporate communications. However, with much more casual conversation, words are being lost in the translations. Using textual transmission to describe what’s going on could be time-consuming and might not even assist you in communicating what you’re trying to convey. A photograph is truly worth a million words in such situations.

Humans Are More Responsive To Visual Information

While it may seem hazardous, data bolster the premise that using social media to make corporate announcements – notably TikTok – can be much more entertaining for both staff and prospective consumers. Visual information reaches the mind 60,000 times quicker than a word, and graphical information accounts for 90% of all information conveyed to the mind. Also, after three days, individuals only recall 10% of what they see, but when that same knowledge is linked with a related image, retention increases to 65%. As a result, it should not surprise that people receive visual communication far more than words.

TikTok could be the most useful social networking site for sharing corporate news with all that in perspective. But, unfortunately, written communication and long-form movies can’t match the application’s authenticity and intensity. The short-form entertaining network was developed because honest, innovative, and visual communication is more remembered and compelling. It’s difficult to argue with that logic, considering that our recent whitepaper discovered that more than 14% of 16-25-year-olds worldwide claimed TikTok influencers encouraged them to interact with information more than Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

The Mode Of Involvement

If the same degree of involvement could be reached through corporate communications utilising TikTok, it might rejuvenate any company or Business’s HR departments. As TikTok experts, we propose using consumer-like tactics for internal messaging, but only if a gentle approach is suitable. In practice, this entails making lighthearted, informal short videos that immediately capture the audience’s interest.

The Debut Of TikTok For Business And Accessibility

However, because TikTok is a new medium for several people, accessibility might be a challenge for any company trying to utilise it for internal communications. Meanwhile, the recent announcement of the TikTok app For Business may assuage any fears. The innovative method comprises an e-learning facility that will assist organisations in educating everything regarding TikTok. It is the app’s first product, particularly for businesses and enterprises. It will feature product guides, tools, and creative techniques to assist any company in developing a profitable and compelling business campaign while also learning more regarding the product’s capabilities. While it seems strange, using TikTok for Business messaging could boost its environment and workforce engagement. This ‘business’ TikTok could appear remarkably similar to the popular consumer version, with distinctive and entertaining videos that entice workers to rebroadcast or partake, resulting in a more engaged and sociable workforce.

Of Course, TikTok Is Popular

Is it fair that all these channels mature with the user bases, precisely as specific social media activity is often linked with particular millennia? In the U.S, for instance, Facebook utilisation is primarily connected to mid-to-older generations. This age demographic accounts for the majority of users. Furthermore, inside TikTok, success and popularity are more closely linked to ability than to social position. It is a distinguishing feature that sets the app apart from many famous non-textual social networking sites. Instagram, for example, has assessed the attractiveness of the ability method vs. social status, prompting the firm to experiment with keeping secrets.

Wrapping Up

TikTok is an excellent application with a lot more opportunities in communication and technology. The more you use TikTok in various ways, the more you get to know the application in-depth.

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