Ten Best Romance and Relationship Games on Steam

Ten Best Romance and Relationship Games on Steam

If you are in the middle of the divorce process, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy your life. Lucky for you, there are many services like, for example, onlinedivorcer.com that help divorcing couples end up their marriage on paper quickly and smoothly.  Entrust yourself to one of these companies and make some time for fun playing video games.

Are you tired of shooting and fighting? If so, then you will probably like the games featuring more realistic scenarios, especially romantic ones. What you will like most about this sort of entertainment is that no one will ask you to prepare divorce papers after you were caught in adultery (just kidding). On Steam, there are many dating simulators, which allow players to navigate an interesting and yet immersive world of romantic relationships with all the ups and downs the latter usually go through.

These games are built on actions and dialogues that are meant to lead to a certain level of intimacy between the character and his or her special one. If you often catch yourself thinking that shooting games and arcades are not your cup of tea and you are more interested in flirting with someone virtually, then the below-mentioned options will touch your heart.

1) Seduce Me the Otome

Try this anime-based video game to explore a fascinating world, where you will be a senior student, who is involved in romantic relationships with two fellows. After you have inherited a tremendous house from your grandfather, you decide to move into it immediately. Hardly had you crossed the threshold of your new home when you found five handsome men lying injured on the floor. Even though this story is full of secrets and mysteries, there is a romantic component to satisfy the want of every amorist.

2) Lucky Rabbit Reflex

This game will allow you to choose between two characters – a boy and a girl. The main idea behind this entertainment is to develop a beautiful life and enjoy it to the fullest: studying, making new friends, partying, getting a job, and, of course, finding your special one – this all and even more is available with this love simulation. Twenty different scenarios of the game that have different endings, incredible visuals, and an intriguing story-line will appeal to every romantic person for sure. 

3) Date Warp

The story-line of the game revolves around a beautiful Indian American student, who went on a date and never came back. Who was her date? What happened to the girl? Was she kidnapped? You will have to find answers to these and many other questions. Incredible mechanics and enticing gameplay will touch any gamer’s feelings.

4) Always Remember Me

From the game, you will learn that the boy named Aaron has lost his memory in a car accident, and Amy, the main character of the game and the boy’s girlfriend, will have to help her boyfriend recollect many things from his past. There are three more personages that you can date; however, your focus will always be Aaron.

Along with all the memory things, Amy will have to develop a good life for herself, too. This includes making new friends, getting a job, interacting with others, etc. Nine possible endings and many choices to make will not let you get bored.

5) Analog: A Hate Story

This sci-fi story is about an interstellar ship, which has been lost in the deep galaxy for thousands of years, and an investigator who tries to understand what stands behind the disappearance of the ship. This game focuses on many challenges, transhumanism issues, and interpersonal relationships. Since it comes with a few possible endings, what is waiting for the gamers depends on the actions they take. Such uncertainty will only kindle your interest. So, why not give it a try?

6) Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme

The story starts in a fantastic world, where a bundle of characters flipped their genders. You can choose whatever personage you want to play with and develop his life, including its romantic side. So many characters, so many stories, not to mention its multiple endings: you will enjoy the gameplay with more than thirty locations to discover. 

7) Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating

This game is all about dating. You are a single father who moves to Maple Bay with his daughter, you are open for new affairs and thus tend to date whoever lives in the town. Dating, building romantic relationships, living a normal life of a regular single father – you will definitely like all of this. You can change the appearance of your avatar to your liking what will bring you even more joy when playing the game. Give it a try, and you will be bowled over by this incredible gaming experience.   

8) The Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook

Your character is a college student who has broken up with his girlfriend and moved to his uncle’s farm for the summer holiday. The story revolves around the boy working farmland, growing wheat, and building a romantic relationship with one of four available girls. This interesting and yet captivating game will help you wear through gray days. 

9) The Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook

Like the above-mentioned game, this one is all about a romantic relationship. However, this time, we have a girl, who was sent to get a job in a flower shop after she finished her first semester in college. You as the main character are offered to choose a boy from four available ones and date him through the game until you two break up. Alter the ending of the game by taking various actions to enjoy the game to the fullest.

10) Love and Order

The story takes place in Montreal, where your character works as a secretary. Along with carrying out your duties with full attention and seriousness, you should manage your social and love life. No matter whether this is your boss, a law student, or an assistant attorney, you can date whoever you want. 

Build your romantic relationship and remember that the ending depends on the choices you make. With this game, you can immerse yourself in a wonderful love affair, and incredible visuals will only make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

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