How Technology and Gadgets Have Transformed Romantic Relationships

How Technology and Gadgets Have Transformed Romantic Relationships

Technology affects every single aspect of our lives, from our health to our jobs, our lifestyle, and even our romantic relationships. Because of technology and the rise of the internet, online dating services have changed and improved.

Nowadays, there are countless online dating websites, and they have changed the very way people interact, connect, meet, and the whole relationship from beginning to marriage. From the initial online introduction to the first dates where pheromones from websites like are used to aid attraction, to the eventual marriage. Let’s see exactly how technology and gadgets have transformed romantic relationships.

Mobile apps and services from any device

You don’t need to go to the local bar or restaurant, hang around town or go to mixers anymore to find local singles. Now you can access online dating sites no matter where you are. It doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is; you can always find someone to chat to.

All you really need is a device and a strong internet connection, and you can find love or just a bit of fun. Every single online dating or adult-oriented website, whether that be office playtime or another site entirely, works well via a browser that’s accessible from any device.

What is more, many online dating websites also offer a dedicated mobile app so that you can download the app and connect at the swipe of a button with anyone you desire to. Most apps work flawlessly on Android and iOS, but you can also find dating apps for other operating systems.

Artificial intelligence for perfect matches

While artificial intelligence still sounds like science fiction for many people, we already have this technology, and it is being used in several areas of expertise, including online dating. The websites for dating use state of the art technology like AI and also VR technology to help singles match with one another. Singles can also meet and socialize in custom VR worlds in VRChat.

The AI will use the data you input (your age, location, body type, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) and the filters you pick to show you singles that match that criteria. It also learns as you swipe through potential candidates and is able to learn and draw conclusions and find patterns between what you like and what you dislike.

It will notice if you tend to like, for example, men with longer hair, who play any kind of musical instrument, have abs, and like hiking and show you more singles that match that criteria.

Smart wearable gadgets for couples

After you’ve used an online dating website and have found the perfect match for you and you’ve become a couple, you can still benefit from the miracles of technology.

Technology has led to the invention of several exciting wearable gadgets which can bring you together no matter how far away you are from one another.

Touch rings

Touch rings are a great acquisition for couples who live far away or simply wish to stay connected throughout the day. They will allow you to feel the heartbeat of your partner so that you feel like you are always together. You will feel if they are happy or upset, or stressed, depending on how fast their heartbeat is.

Vibrating bracelets

Vibrating bracelets serve the same purpose. Only this time, instead of sending impulses of your lover’s heartbeat, they will vibrate so that you know when they are thinking about you. You can set it to sort of communicating with one another from a distance and set your personal language.

Hug shirts

Hug shirts will let you hug from a distance. They are embedded with actuators that can recreate the sensation of touch. Over time, the tech and style behind it have changed, and it has become more fashionable and now works even better.

It can connect via Bluetooth to your phone and record a hug and deliver it via the internet to your partner’s phone and then via Bluetooth again to their hug shirt.


While in the past, the only way to connect, meet and start a relationship was to meet people in the real world, either by mistake, through friends or singles mixers. With the developments in technology, around half of the worldwide population has tried online dating.

You don’t need to ever leave your house to search for a potential mate. You only need to go online and use an online dating service.

The entire process from beginning to end is streamlined, and you will be able to find eligible singles and potential mates for any type of relationship (hookups, casual, serious, marriage) in no time.

All you have to do is enter a website that caters to the niche you are interested in, make an account, enter the required information, complete some personality tests, set your preferences, and start swiping through like-minded singles.

When you like someone, you can start chatting with them and see where it takes you. In a couple of minutes, you can find a date that actually fits your needs and desires.

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