5 Efficient Link Building Strategies for Busy Marketers

5 Efficient Link Building Strategies for Busy Marketers

It is not easy to do link building. In fact, link building is very hard. Because of this reason it can be very difficult for most of us to build links for a particular website. You should know that incoming links can not be created quickly. This process takes some time. Your search engine ranking can be determined by the page’s authority and its quality. Blogging plays a major role here. There will be a 97 % growth in your inbound links if you are consistently writing the blogs. Best links can also be built by making the use of some other ways. Here you will able to learn link building strategies.

Now I will describe about 5 efficient link building strategies for busy marketers.

Strategic Guest Blogging Should Be Done

Blogging is embraced by a lot of marketers and companies. There are so many benefits of it. Site visitors are increased by 55 % and inbound links by 97 % if blogs are generated for a business and this report is given by Hubspot. If you want to make your blogging business popular then you can do it with the help of guest blogging.

Can you guess the percentage of businesses that are taking the advantage of guest blogging? In this process so many authority links can be generated if a strategic approach is followed by you. In the beginning a clear goal must be set by you if you are following a strategic approach. The blogs that attract a lot of traffic must be used for targeting guest blogs. In this way your blog can get a lot of traffic. If somebody is using the social media networks for sharing the guest post after accepting it then that blog should be considered by you for increasing the number of links.   

Your blog can be penalized by the search engine if you have selected the wrong way for building links by making the use of guest blogs.

The following things should be considered while creating a guest post for a particular website:

  • The audience of the blog must be studied by you
  • The popular posts must be studied by you
  • User experience of the blog must be studied by you

Infographics Must Be Created And Distributed By You

The strategy of link building can be very good for you if you are using infographics in it. Quality links can be earned by your blog and organic traffic can be generated continually if you are making the use of infographics.

As compared to a blog post that is standard around 37.5 % more backlinks can be generated by using infographics. This shows that a very important tactic for building links is infographics.

Use Social Media Actively

The efforts involved in guest posting and the plan of building links can benefit you if you use social media networks. All the updates, images and new posts must be actively shared by you. Put that content on social media in which your fans may take interest. For boosting engagement on social media, you need to be active on it.

It is a possibility that your post is shared by your fans. In this way your site URL and your brand will get a good exposure.

Always Use Trusted Sites For Getting Resource Links

You can help the target audience by creating and compiling a guide called as resource. You may be creating resource pages for yourself. Along with this you can also tap the resource pages of some other websites like Copyblogger, Social Media Examiner, Jeff Bullas, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Forbes etc. If in your industry some nice blogs are compiled by some very good websites present in your niche then the users visiting those websites can get their required content with great ease.

Take Benefit From Broken Links Strategy

While writing a guest post or a blog content you can be very busy. In this situation you can take the help of broken link strategy. Sometimes in writing a content a very little time is available to the marketers that are busy. So, it can be very difficult for them to attract the customers by creating very good content.

Working of broken link building

It is very simple to use this strategy. Certain blogs may be written on several pages and some of these pages may have broken links. You have to replace those links with the links of a website having a similar content.

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