8 Tips to Enhance Your User Experience on Mac

8 Tips to Enhance Your User Experience on Mac

Mac computers have become more popular than ever before, and there is no surprise why. With the speed and advanced technologies that these devices provide, many people can enhance their productivity and user experience.

However, Mac computers come packed with multiple features that people who have been using a Mac for years don’t know about. And as purchasing a Mac is an investment, it would be a shame not to learn those features and let them go to waste.

Thus in today’s article, we are about to share eight short and simple tips that will help you enhance your user experience on a Mac.

View Storage Info

One of the most annoying things that can happen to an older Mac is slow performance. Slow performance is often influenced by low storage space. Therefore, if you keep on track with it, you can always delete some files and make more free disk space.

To see a storage review, click on the Apple icon from the top menu, go to the option About This Mac, and click on the Storage tab. 

Learn Three Ways to Take a Screenshot

Ways to Take a Screenshot

Knowing how to take a screenshot is convenient on any computer, including Mac. More to it, on Mac, there are three different ways you can take a screenshot, the last one being presented with the latest launch of macOS Big Sur.

The first method to take a screenshot is keyboard combination Command + Shift + 3 that will take a screenshot of your entire screen. The second one is Command + Shift + 4. It will allow you to take a screenshot of a specific part of the screen. The last combination is Command + Shift + 5, and it will open a window that lets you select if you want to screenshot the entire screen or just a part of it.

Add Your Signature 

Add Your Signature

If you work from home and don’t have a printer, signing documents may become a problem. However, printing, signing, and then scanning the document at the office is not very convenient either.

Luckily, on Mac, you can open a document with the Preview app, click the pen icon, and choose the Create Signature from Built-in iSight. This will let you create a virtual signature you can use to sign your documents.

Keep Your Desktop Clean

Keeping a clean desktop will not only help you become more productive but will also make your Mac run faster and more efficiently.

If you keep a lot of items on your screen, your computer is using system resources to display each icon, which slows down your Mac. Therefore, cleaning up the desktop can actually increase the performance of your Mac.

Rename Batches of Files

This tip is the most useful for those of you who work as photographers and take a lot of photos during the photoshoots. Before sending the edited photos to the client, you may want to rename them, and you can do it much faster with this trick.

First of all, select the files you want to rename, right-click them, and choose the option Rename. Then, click the Replace Text feature that will allow you to change a specific part of the text to whatever you want.

Invest in a Proper Antivirus

It’s old news that Macs are such safe computers that they don’t even need an antivirus. As you know, the virtual world is advancing every day; thus, new viruses and malware are created constantly. 

Macs are more popular than ever; therefore, more hackers focus on targeting Mac users. To ensure the optimal performance of your computer and the safety of your data, it’s best to invest in a proper antivirus for your Mac.

Use Spotlight Search

The Spotlight Search is a great feature that can be used to open certain apps and files faster. To open the Spotlight Search, you can either click on the magnifying glass icon on the right corner of your screen or use the keyboard combination Command + Space.

Besides, you can also use Spotlight Search to calculate equations and convert currency. Thus this tool is great for efficiency and time-saving.

Update Regularly

Update Regularly

The macOS updates often provide system security and performance enhancement upgrades. Thus to make sure that your Mac is always performing at its best and is protected at all times, update the macOS regularly. 

If you skipped an update, you could find it by clicking the Apple icon, going to the System Preferences, and clicking on Software Update. It would also help if you remembered to update the apps as well because as a new macOS comes out, most app developers start optimizing their apps for the newest version of macOS.

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