Top 10 Platforms for Converting Cryptocurrency

Top 10 Platforms for Converting Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency market experienced its rise in early 2021. The BTC rate showed upward movement attracting many new participants to the market. If you want to buy bitcoin with cash, you can do it either in a crypto ATM or convert any other coin you have in your wallet using special services. This article is all about converting platforms, continue reading to learn which are the best of them.


This platform successfully operates for many years. One should be ready to find out the fee amount only at the stage of the exchange process. The site has an online chat to ask questions and solve troubles that arose. The conversion can be carried out manually or automatically. It depends on each specific bank. Experienced traders consider this service convenient although beginners may find it rather complicated.


B2BX cryptocurrency exchange is among the most popular places to convert crypto coins. It is suitable for both corporate clients and independent traders. This platform is outstanding due to the high level of security. It proposes two-factor authentication which helps protect both the users and the site from hacker attacks. The site blocks the balance in the case the fraudulent activity is noticed. Thus, the clients are protected from a possible hack.


This service stands out for its fairly convenient interface and 24/7 operation. The exchange process happens in a matter of minutes. Along with low fees, the platform also accepts bank cards. It meets the expectations of both beginners and experienced traders.

This platform suits best for those who only start trading. Its interface is convenient and simple. Besides, it provides technical support to solve any issues arising during converting. The fees and commissions are clear, so the user understands how much it will cost to convert the coins at the start. The site provides buying Bitcoin only.


Though it is a rather young platform, it has already proved to be a reliable exchange popular around the world. It is considered to be a whole neobank in Telegram allowing both trading and holding currency. One may either pass the verification or ignore it and proceed with the fast registration. BTG, BTC, USDT, ETH, LTC, DASH, BCH, XRP, TRX, TON CRYSTAL are available. The platform provides the best conditions for the exchange.


This exchange is rather young though gaining momentum due to the following advantages: 

  • the site works 24/7;
  • low commissions;
  • automatic exchange.

Although, one can’t see the number of coins to receive. The site allows entering the amount to sell only. There is no live chat to ask questions in real-time. So it may be difficult for beginners to handle this exchange. Although low fees still make it quite popular.

If you want to convert ETH to BTC or any other crypto pair, you can use This platform has a wide range of coins available. One does not have to pass the verification or even register. The interface of the site is very convenient so even a beginner can handle it. The main feature of Godex is the automatic search for the best appropriate rate through the crypto market. Find the calculator on the main page, choose the coins to sell and buy, see the current rate for your deal and the exact number of coins you are going to receive as a result. Then enter the wallet address and pay for the application. The exchange occurs in a matter of minutes. Things are much transparent and clear with Godex, with no hidden fees. The good thing is the fact the user can see the exact number of coins to arrive on one`s wallet.


This site either does not require users` registration. Still, there are some advantages for registered clients. Like with Btcpro24, this service does not show the amount of exchange instantly. The site only shows the current rate, so once you choose the coins, you can count the amount.


It is also a young service operating on the crypto market for about two years. It is famous for its convenient interface and easy work. The site does not reflect the changing rates right in real-time like on Godex, so if the price does not suit you, go back to the main page and try again.


One could find it difficult to choose the proper place to convert coins. But looking at the list of the most popular exchanges, it is easy to find which is better for operation with cryptocurrencies in each specific case. That is, some sites are rather advanced and beginners would not handle them at the start, while others are much easier to cope with and perform with the exchange. Some services provide plenty of coins to trade, while others have a rather short list. Some platforms demand registration and give bonuses to verified clients, while others don’t even demand users’ email. Study those services in-depth and make up your mind.

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