How Artificial Intelligence Technologies Riding the Automobile Industry?

How Artificial Intelligence Technologies Riding the Automobile Industry?

Artificial Intelligence is all set to bang the modern era with its super-exciting technologies and features in the automobile industry. Companies like Nissan, Tesla, Kia, Mercedes welcoming the endeavor of smart cars so that we can feel drive safe and intelligently on the road with featured filled cars and vehicles. Learn how AI Riding the Automobile Industry

Though, it is very early to say that AI fully takes the wheel! But yes! It can certainly become your awesome co-driver. Thinking how it can make your life much easier? Or how it can provide you with advanced safety? There are so many questions and no exact answer? Well, read this post and get all your answers. 

use of artificial intelligence in cars

Some of the best AI Use Cases in Automobile Sectors

Even when you are considering a single industry, you can find several usages of Artificial Intelligence. According to NetApp, the AI is driving the auto industry into 4 vital segments that are-

  • Autonomous Driving
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Connected Vehicles
  • Mobility as a Service

No one can deny that one segment can overlap another segment. But it will only bring success and advancements. Just like mobility as a service strategy plays a crucial role in autonomous driving. There is a big list of requirements that are common in each other like advanced data management, infrastructure integration, compliance/privacy/security and so forth. Let’s better understand these concepts while moving to one by one segment. 

What is all about Autonomous Driving?

While some of us may be familiar with autonomous driving, yet some find themselves at a loss as what it is all about? Autonomous Driving means Self-driving. To make this technology works, companies are increasingly offering sophisticated adaptive driver assistance systems (ADAS) that are considered as a stepping stone towards level 5 autonomy. The level of vehicle autonomy goes with 5 stages that are-

AI Riding the Automobile Industry

  • Driver Assistance – In this autonomy, the vehicle monitors the speed through cruise control. 
  • Partial Automation – In this vehicle can perform acceleration and steering. The need for human intervention is still needed to monitor tasks.
  • Conditional Automation – This automation provides environmental detection capabilities. Though vehicles can perform the tasks, still it needed a human override. 
  • High Automation– Vehicle can perform driving actions on its own under specific conditions. Geofencing is needed. Human override is taken as an option. 
  • Full Automation – No need for human attention or interaction. The vehicle performs all the actions on its own. 

Many companies are looking forward to achieving the aim of full automation so that there will no risk of human deaths and higher safety. From GPS to Sensor, Connectivity to Safety; everything can be achieved with the smart feature of Autonomous driving!

Connected Vehicles- A Smart Approach

We are existing in a world where we want to connect our devices just like our smartphones. And for that, Cars, Trucks, and other vehicles are continuously transforming into the connected devices; and it is possible due to AI as it gives-

  • Voice-activated operations/ Personal Assistants
  • Recommenders/Infotainment
  • Telematics & Predictive maintenance

Today smart cars are using Wi-Fi or Cellular connection for navigation, download music, operational data and so forth. In the coming future, we can expect our vehicle to be connected to our homes as well as infrastructure.

You may be surprised to know that Audi is already on its track as it has introduced the technology “Connect cars to stoplight infrastructure”. This technology enables drive in selected cities to catch “green wave”, that helps to avoid red lights. Hence, you can certainly say that the decentralized approach not only lowers the cost but also increase transparency. 

Mobility as A Service (MaaS)- Bring the World more closer!

MaaS is ready to revolutionize transportation for sure as it brings altogether the networks of multiple transportations into a single cohesive user experience. Though it looks easier to gain information from different vehicles, yet practically it is a daunting task when it comes to implementation.

AI is necessary to be used to ensure that users can access to transportation. AI has to manage several things at once like how city functions, what are the ways that can affect the transport network. Apart from that, it also has to track record of changing user behavior, days of the week, weather changes, route selection and so forth. 

No day is the same for AI, it has to drift itself with the upcoming changes for giving the best user experience. Each day Artificial Intelligence is coming with the latest advancements to make this happen. Ola, Uber are some of the companies that are making it possible by providing private and public ride-sharing by making smart algorithms on the consumer device. 

Smart Functioning- All We Need!

The automobile industry has lots of matters on its plate and companies are working hard to enhance operational efficiency at limited costs. Industry 4.0 technologies and Industrial Internet of Things are the keys to streamline the business, automation, and optimization of the manufacturing processes that increase the overall efficiency.

A self-diagnosing system, Proper monitoring, Instant decisions, Data Security and Protection, Connectivity, are some of the smart functioning steps on which AI is working right now. Soon, it will come with better results and better user experience. 

The Final Verdict!

After reading this, you can definitely say that we are already on the path of success and looking forward to more technologies to make our ways and journey much easier with Artificial Intelligence! I hope you like the article on how AI riding the automobile industry.

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