How to Keep Track Of Your Remote Employees?

How to Keep Track Of Your Remote Employees?

Trusting your remote employees is very important. Still, businesses need to ensure that employees are not taking this comfort for granted. Though the idea of monitoring employees over the internet might sound a long shot but keeping track of remote employees is not that a huge challenge anymore, thanks to technology for employee management solutions.

How Do I Track My Remote Employees?” is one of the top trending questions employers are searching for in these pandemic times.

The market is packed with  productive employee task tracking tools to help employers in effortlessly tracking remote employees. 

It’s not about the number of tracking tools you use, it’s about having a solid strategy and the right approach. The central idea here is to track the remote employees without disturbing the workflow.   

Why is Employee Task Tracking Needed? 

The major advantages from tracking remote employees include:

  • Transparency: Remote monitoring makes the overall remote workforce much more transparent. Each and every employee can have a detailed and resourceful look into his or her progress. The employer also gets a good insight into the workflow of the remote team. The right approach in tracking remote employees can actually provide much more transparency in working than an in-house, regular workforce
  • Increased Productivity: Monitoring and tracking remote employees has been observed to increase the overall productivity of both the employee and the organization
  • Creates Trust: This clarity in supervision eliminates any kind of trust issues between the employee and the employer, ultimately creating a positive remote working atmosphere

Steps for employees management solutions.

Set Up Smart Checkpoints

Micromanaging is one strategy you just can’t ignore in managing remote employees. Always be involved in helping your employee to set up personal checkpoints. You and your employees need to have an agreed goal for the end of each working day. 

This would not only help you in increasing daily productivity but would help you make your long term ROI higher.  

It will help you keep a detailed check on each and every employee on a regular basis without even disturbing their workflow.

Regular Team Hurdles

It’s very important for each and everyone to know what exactly is being asked from them. 

Have regular team meetings, group video calls, and project meetings to keep track of everyone involved in a project. Communicate your expectations and keep a check whether your remote employees are on the same track or not. 

Let Go the Misfits

Remote working is still quite new and is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to let go of the ones who you think are not adapting to your remote working environment.

The ones who don’t show any initiative in making the complete remote working environment of your company productive should not be entertained at all. They not only harm the overall productivity. But also influence others to take advantage of any kind of loophole in your workflow.

This idea of not having bad influences in your remote workforce should also be taken into consideration while hiring new people. 

The matter of the fact is that letting go of the misfits and hiring trustworthy talent is not a one-time job. It is an ongoing process that needs you to be on your toes, always!

Make Use of Employee Management Solutions

There are a ton of different employee management solutions, having remote employee tracking capabilities, available in the market for all kinds and size of remote workforces. From tracking the time taken to do the assigned tasks to taking screenshots of their desktops. Employee tracking tools are there to make everything simpler for employers.

Also, you can make use of these tools to simplify other major business tasks like creating invoices, creating event calendars, complete online expense tracking, project management, cloud storage, tasks assignment, and so forth. When it comes to the business as a whole, you can Maximize Organizational Efficiency with Strategy Software that gives you a clear picture of what’s working within your operations, as well as areas that could be improved for the benefit of everyone.

These tools have proved to be a game-changer for many different organizations, thanks to their increasing automation capabilities. 

Bottom Line

Keeping track of employees is important. The idea here is not only to boost the ROI and productivity but also to increase the transparency and trust between an employer and the remote employees. 

Remote employee performance review tools are becoming a regular practice in the 21st century. It has gained huge popularity in this recent COVID-19 pandemic period and is all set to be an obligatory exercise in remote working for the upcoming years. 

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