What Should You Know About Business Festival In Liverpool UK This 2020?

What Should You Know About Business Festival In Liverpool UK This 2020?

Every year in the UK, many business festivals are conducted for entrepreneurs and people who want to learn about each other’s business. Recently, The Good Business Festival was conducted in Liverpool in the UK, focusing on sustainable and ethical business.

This year’s Good Business Festival was a multi-venue event that was conducted in two acts – Act 1 and Act 2. Act 1 was conducted from October 1, 2020 – October 8, 2020, whereas, Act 2 will be conducted in 2021.

About The Good Business Festival 

It is a multi-venue event whose Act 1 was conducted from October 1 to 8 this year focusing on the promotion and encouragement of ethical business and attracting household names to the Liverpool region in the UK. As our world has gone through a lot due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has affected the economy across the globe. This has led to political, cultural, and social change.

The motive of this festival is to capture the global zeitgeist, which is in the demand of the worldwide population as many people are switching to the idea of purposeful business and conscious capitalism.

This business festival aims to bring the smartest business minds from the world. This aims to answer many questions as if purpose is powerful and how it can power up your business. It also aims to help the people learn about where the business is going and who will get it. 

Moreover, business minds got an opportunity to learn about what they need to do and why to keep their business in progress. It has also taught entrepreneurs the tactics to convince shareholders, employees, employers, and investors about the right move of the purpose-oriented business. It is also essential to be one step ahead always, and this was what taught to all the attendees. It also focused on profitable business and what it means to the world. 

Who attended the Good Business Festival?

People across the world attended this festival. Rising stars and household names in the business world along with the titans of the industry were the attendees of this event. Along with them, many activists, academics, writers, educators, creatives, legislators, scientists, students, contrarians, philosophers, and start-ups also attended the festival. 

Thought leaders, Provocateurs, Radical Thinkers, and Pioneers also participated. In short, anyone around you who is interested in knowing all about good business can attend this event. 

Why Should Everyone Attend Festivals Like This?

If you are looking for an opportunity to flourish in the game of business, then you must attend such business festivals in the UK to learn more and allow other people to learn about what you do. Experiences, connecting to other businesses across the world and bringing different perspectives is what you will get from here. A colorful and imaginative multi-day and multi-venue event that focuses on essential topics with several social events is what you need at the hour. 

With what happened this year and the global economy has gone under crisis, it needs to be talked about more engagingly by top industry leaders. 

What Should You Know More About The Good Business Festival?

The festival was held in Liverpool, which is a destination for sports, music, and culture. This city has the newest start-ups set up in any part of the country. Besides, it was full of opportunities making it perfect for the Good Business Festival. 

The Metro Mayor and the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority commissioned this event. The Hemingway Design and Culture Liverpool partnered this international festival. This event aims to bring industry leaders to lead an impactful summit with immense knowledge and power and many famous experts from TED Talks. 

This year’s festival aimed to focus on topics such as Economics, Consumer Trends, Sport, Ethics, Health & Life Sciences, Big Thinking, Retail, Planet, Future, and Place & Society. It aims to bring out every vital topic from major issues to minor insignificant ones that keep crossing our minds every day. 

Act – 2, which will be held in 2021, will have the smartest minds in attendance which will focus on the post-COVID-19 world. 

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Every year, the UK witnesses a business festival to focus on promoting the latest business aspects in the world. 

  • This year, the International business festival was held in Liverpool, UK. 
  • Act 1 was conducted from October 1 to 8, 2020. 

It focuses on ethical and sustainable business across the world. Such festivals always witness industry icons and start-up talents. They get a chance to get to know each other and increase the opportunity for their business.  

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