Transfer Emails from Office 365 to G Suite Using Professional Technique

Transfer Emails from Office 365 to G Suite Using Professional Technique

Everyday there is a user who comes up with the query to transfer emails from Office 365 to G Suite. It is obvious that your data from Office 365 account is not going to automatically get transferred to the Gmail account.

For that, you will have to go through a few steps to migrate the data and make sure they’re careful while doing so.

Why? Well, you want to move your data because it holds some importance, right? Why not go for the professional solution to migrate Office 365 email to Gmail?

Now, where will you get such a solution is the question that arises. Don’t worry about that either. We have brought here the most useful method to solve your query.

But before that, let’s find out the reasons for the migration.

Why Transfer Emails from Office 365 to G Suite?

Both Office 365 and G Suite offer great features to their users. But for some users, G Suite may be a better option to choose as their email service. Let’s find out what reasons make it a better choice:

  • G Suite is comparatively faster in working than Office 365
  • You can easily maintain and support Google Apps
  • You can easily scale G Suite as per your requirement
  • The productivity of your business and employees increases at a good rate
  • You can use G Suite from any location providing the benefit of mobility
  • The documents in your mailbox can be opened and edited directly

Professional Technique to Migrate Office 365 Email to Gmail

This solution will help you securely move your data to G Suite including Email, Contacts, Calendars, etc. All the data from Office 365 use mailbox can be transferred at once without any troubles.

What solution is this? It is the Office 365 to G Suite Migration Tool that has the ability to transfer selective data as well from Office 365 account with the help of the filters.

Also, there is a priority feature that you can set for early migration of specific user data. If you want to generate a summary or detailed report after you transfer emails from Office 365 to G Suite.

You will also be able to track the Live Progress Report of the migration process. In addition to it, there is a feature to set a maximum number of users that you want to migrate per project which is the Concurrent Migration feature.

Now, let’s take a look at the working of this tool.

How to Migrate Office 365 Email to Gmail?

These steps as explained below will show how you can transfer your user data to G Suite Gmail.

  1. Download the tool, launch it and make sure it is activated. Select the Setup tab and choose Source as Office 365 and choose Destination as G Suite. 
  1. Select Emails from the Category section and apply filters in the Workload Selection

Note: You can decide if you want to enable the Group Mapping and Migrate Document Permissions. 

  1. Enter the credentials for Office 365 in the source Window. Validate and hit
  2. Fill in the credentials for G Suite in the destination Window, hit Validate and click
  3. Choose the Fetch Users option to initiate the fetching process and hit

Note: You can also go for the Import Users option to import a CSV file which consists of id source and destinations accounts.

  1. Click on the Start Migration option and hit Start to transfer emails from Office 365 to Gmail.

Once you see the process has finished, you can download the summary or detailed report by clicking on the respective options: Summary Report and Detailed Report. 

  • Summary report option will generate a summary of the export process.
  • Detailed report option will help users save the detailed report of entire process in a CSV file format.

If you want, you can stop the migration process in between and resume it from where you left it as per your convenience.

There is an option to Re-Run Migration that provides 3 modes to choose from:

  • Retry Failed Items: The items that may have been skipped or failed during the previous process can be transferred again with the help of this feature.
  • Re-Run Full Migration: In case you want to run the entire migration process again, you can go for this option.
  • Delta Migration: You can migrate only the newly arrived data from to eliminate the risk of duplicity using this feature.

That’s All!

In order to migrate Office 365 email to Gmail, you need to make sure that the process you choose is safe and secure since emails have all the important and sensitive information stored.

Use the software as mentioned to export the data safely and keep the folder hierarchy maintained without causing any difficulties. This tool can transfer data from Office 365 to G Suite in Windows OS 10 (64-bit).

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