Quick and Easy Ways To Apply A Watermark to PDF Documents

Quick and Easy Ways To Apply A Watermark to PDF Documents

Today, it’s essential to put ownership on everything that you possess. Of course, placing ownership on data and electronic documents isn’t exempt from the things that need ownership. In turn, you can claim ownership of PDFs by placing a watermark on them. With GoGoPDF, you can add a watermark with ease!

This site allows you to avoid theft or any unauthorized usage of your PDF documents. Adding watermarks to your PDFs has never been this easy before. Without a doubt, if you need a reliable online PDF editor that allows adding watermarks to your PDFs, this website is the perfect tool for the job. Here’s how you can add and place watermarks to your PDF with GoGoPDF:

How Do I Watermark A PDF In GoGoPDF?

It’s critical to ask the essential questions, and one of the most important questions before users can add watermark to PDF online is the watermarking process. Anyone who wants to place a watermark in their PDFs simply needs to follow a simplified PDF watermarking process. GoGoPDF made sure that the process is simplified as you’d only need to follow four simple steps.

You can claim ownership of a PDF by inserting a watermark into your file. You’ll first need to select the PDF file from the computer that you’re using. Then, simply upload the file into GoGoPDF’s PDF editor. Subsequently, you may upload through the drag and drop method. Once you’ve uploaded the PDF, you’ll move on to the second step.

The second step of adding and placing watermarks to your PDF is to type your preferred text that you’ll use as a watermark. Subsequently, you may also use an image as a watermark to your PDF. Simply select your watermark position and click “Add Watermark” to move on to the next step.

The server will then process the watermarking process based on the options that you’ve selected. It won’t take a while before you can download the watermarked PDF to your device. Anyone who places watermarks with GoGoPDF may also share the watermarked PDF to any social media account! 

Speedy Watermarking Process

GoGoPDF is the go-to online platform for adding and placing watermarks to PDFs because of its effortless process. The watermarking process might be incredibly detailed, but it’s a process anyone can go through within minutes. Without a doubt, adding and placing watermarks to PDFs has never been this easy and simple before!

You can either use text or an image as a watermark to your PDF files. Regardless of using text or image, this site will be able to add and place a watermark masterfully within minutes. It takes a fairly short time for this website to apply the changes that you prefer and want! It’s a watermarking process that’s not only effortless but also incredibly quick!

Topping it all off is GoGoPDF’s ability to provide this watermarking process for free. Anyone who wants to claim ownership of their PDF can do so by placing a watermark with the help of this website. Moreover, it doesn’t cost a fortune to add and place a watermark on any PDF with GoGoPDF!

Watermark Personalization

GoGoPDF allows users to personalize the watermark that they’ll be adding or placing to their PDF documents. Anyone who wants to use a watermark for their PDFs may choose between using text or image as the watermark. If you choose text, you can personalize the text by applying a specific color, size, and even font style. It’s only essential that you personalize the watermark with your personal touch!

You can also utilize an image to serve as the watermark for your PDF. In turn, all you need is to get and upload an image from your device and simply place it as a watermark in the PDF using this tool. It’s incredibly straightforward that we’re confident any user can add a watermark, no matter text or image, without any problems.

Use On All Platforms

One functional feature of this add watermark tool is that it’s accessible from any platform or operating system. In turn, you can avail of GoGoPDF’s services for placing watermarks through a Windows, Mac, or Linux system. Moreover, adding and placing watermarks to PDFs with this site is free regardless of the platform that you use!

GoGoPDF offers a watermarking process that is online-based. In turn, you can place or add a watermark to any particular PDF file through your web browser. Moreover, any web browser will work perfectly upon placing watermarks on any PDF with this site!


GoGoPDF is a highly dependable tool for placing watermarks on PDFs. Anyone who uses this tool for their watermarking needs will be able to use an online PDF editor that’s effortless and straightforward when it comes to adding PDF watermarks. 

Placing a watermark to any PDF gives you ownership, and you can do so for free with this site. If you’re looking for the right online tool to add watermarks with, GoGoPDF is more than capable of the task at hand.

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