Proxy Servers: The Key To E-commerce

Proxy Servers: The Key To E-commerce

The internet has made a very notable impact on different industries, generating substantial transformations in the way in which everyone develops. Due to the digitization of modern life, consumers in all parts of the world benefit greatly from online transactions. The e-commerce industry has always been popular and highly used among users. In fact, as the internet is becoming more and more accessible to people around the world, the number of digital buyers is astronomically increasing every year. 

This actually makes a lot of sense, as many consumers prefer to be at home to make purchases because it is more convenient and comfortable for them. At this point, purchasing items and services online have become the new normality and a very common practice. Since 2020, this industry has grown considerably as the pandemic and confinement have caused consumers to stay in their homes and resort to other methods to make their purchases. Therefore, e-commerce has become the preferred option for these users. According to Statista, it is expected that in this year, more than 2 billion people all around the world buy goods and services online. 

For some users, joining the world of e-commerce can be a slightly overwhelming task. Currently, there are many sites specializing in online sales, so there is great competition in terms of prices, stock, quality, and experience with the service. That is why many retailers must constantly search for information about the competition: their products, strategies and success, in order to have a better and clearer picture of how they operate.

E-commerce business owners know how hard it can be to keep a business afloat on their own without the appropriate information and tools to help them. Although users can find a wide variety of tips on the internet to improve their experience on the e-commerce market, those who have taken their game to the next level know that the key to everything relies on Proxy Servers. But, before exploring further into this revelation, let’s learn about what Proxy Servers are.

Getting to know Proxy Servers

By default, any device that uses the internet has an IP address associated with it that comes from the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Every time the user makes a request on the internet, either using a search engine or visiting a web page, some information is being shared with the web server, including the IP address, so that the page can load efficiently and to avoid losing any information during connection.

Proxy servers are responsible for masking the user’s IP address by acting as an intermediary between the web server and the user. This means that internet traffic first goes through the Proxy Server before reaching the web server or the device from which the requests are being made. So basically, Proxy Servers are messengers.

Since Proxy Servers prevent the user and the web servers from coming into direct contact, the IP address that the web server observes will be the one that the Proxy Server has. This means that the user’s IP address is never public or detectable.

How are Proxy Servers and e-commerce related?

The key to successful e-commerce businesses is to perform the web scraping technique. The purpose of this practice is to extract data from a website onto a format that is more convenient for the user to read. Web scraping can be done manually. However, it is more practical and beneficial to use automated tools since they are faster and convenient. 

E-commerce scraping is an excellent technique as it allows business owners to extract important and valuable information from a competitor in order to improve their own marketing schemes. By taking into account some factors and having the correct data, small and large businesses can reinvent themselves and offer a higher quality service with better offers. Web scraping contributes to this and allows the user to better understand what the buyer’s profile is and what they are really looking for, as well as which are the trends and platforms that are taking a lead in the market. 

Since web scraping is extremely beneficial to understanding the competition, many platforms have taken action on the matter and have implemented measures against web scraping to prevent information from being leaked since they are more aware of the importance of the data stored on their websites. However, as with many situations, when it comes to the internet, there is a way to bypass these blocks that make this task even more efficient.

Anti-scraping tools work by detecting any IP address that makes multiple web requests in a short period that may be perceived as suspicious. In order to efficiently conduct competitor research, it is vital to avoid identification and blacklisting at all costs. 

A solution to prevent being blocked is to use a Proxy Server. Specifically, residential proxies are best suited to covering up traffic in this case, since it is more difficult to detect by web servers because it is perceived by them as a request made from a completely normal user. Using a Canada residential proxy (or one located elsewhere more relevant) disguises the IP as one assigned to a non commercial device, on the security side this appears like regular traffic and therefore isn’t as susceptible to being blocked. Furthermore, each device which is performing the web scraping will be assigned a different IP address under the proxy, even if they are in the same location, this helps to further disguise scraping behaviour and allows firms to take full advantage of the competitor data out there.

The right way to scrap the web

At this point, we have learned that web scraping is very important to obtain relevant information and that the best way to efficiently achieve this is by using a Proxy Server to avoid being banned. But, what else can you do online?

Masking your IP isn’t the only thing you can do before diving into the internet waters – you can also use a virtual number. The most common (and the most used) is called Non-VoIP, a not so brand-new tool users can consider when validating all of their online accounts, such as Facebook, Gmail, Tinder, Twitter and so on.

verifywithsms is one of the best virtual telephone number provider. Known for many and preferred by more, this company offers US Non-VoIP numbers that help users from all over the world to bypass any sms verification process they may encounter with at the moment of creating an account on a platform.

With these Non-VoIP numbers, users can be completely sure that they will be able to enjoy all kinds of platforms, since the efficiency is completely assured with this provider. One of the most important reasons why users should choose VerifyWithSMS’s services is because the security of their customers is one of their priorities. For this reason, they are constantly reinforcing and applying new protection measures so that users can have quite an experience without any type of problem.

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