Planning an app for your business? This is for you

Planning an app for your business? This is for you

Looking for the best possible way to get a mobile app made for your business? This article addresses the very dilemma plaguing many entrepreneurs today. Well, first of all, congratulations that you have realized the importance of a mobile app, as the next logical step to strengthen your business footings in this rapidly changing VUCA world. ‘Digital product’ has been a key differentiator between the businesses that have flourished during the pandemic and those, who could not do that well. 

A mobile app offers not only is much more convenient for the consumer in terms of ease of access, ubiquity, competitive and transparent pricing, etc. it has also brought down the fixed costs for business (as the requirement of real estate assets and the human resources to manage them is saved to a larger extent) making them leaner, more efficient and better prepared for the times ahead.

Coming back to the possible ways a business approaches mobile app development; it becomes imperative to highlight the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all solution available in the market. As such, the first step for the uninformed is to look for a mobile app development company. These services will try to understand and map the key business process for you (aka blueprints) and accordingly plan the resources and vendors to develop the designed product. 

With the evolution of web development in recent years, now one does not compulsorily need to develop native apps through an android or IOS app development company, differently. There are technology bridges that make the same source code functional for different platforms. This ease has gone one step ahead when it comes to crypto-related developments where the concept of heterogeneous-sharing has made it possible for block-chains with different immutable structures to interact with each other, with ease.

Once the requirements are understood, the next question is to decide on the mode of development. 

The available options are to either develop it in-house, outsource to a specialist vendor, or augment the existing team with the skills unavailable in-house. Business houses with enough resources on hand prefer to go for in-house development, providing them discreetness with the product development lifecycle and an inside view of the process. 

Ones that do not have the in-house mettle or looking for proven expertise in the very field choose to outsource the development to a specialist web Development Company. Techahead is one name in the US and the Indian subcontinent that not only has a diverse portfolio of industries as their subject matter, but also a list of over 600 happy clients to vouch for.

Now, once you are through with mapping your processes well in blueprints and have decided the mode of development, the type of code needed (as per the platforms planned for launch), the next step is to look for a vendor. Some key decision points to check before finalizing a web development partner are:

  • Review their website: This helps their capabilities, product/service portfolio, and approx. costs. It would also help you understand their key areas of expertise, list of key clients, and their testimony on the work delivered.  
  • Size of the company: One needs to verify that the agency has enough resources to substantiate the project in the long run. Often we come across companies that do have the skill but not strength. 
  • Previous Client References: Engaging with previous clients helps understand the style of work, any hidden terms or costs, and strengths and weaknesses of the company. 

Sample development plan and delivery timeline: this gives the client an insight into what to expect. The sample dev-plan also ensures that the exact requirements have been communicated and understood by the developer team. 

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