Immortals Fenyx Rising Wiki Tips and Tricks

Immortals Fenyx Rising Wiki Tips and Tricks

Use the shadow

A classic platforming trick this one. Whenever Fenyx jumps, there’s a shadow beneath them. Use this to make sure you never miss a platform.

Triple jump

While Fenyx can unlock a double jump skill, if you combine this with Ares’s Wrath, which shoots you up in the air, it can become a triple jump. This handy tip will ensure even those hardest to reach platforms can be ascended. You should do this in the middle (so jump, Wrath, double jump), as Fenyx’s movements are less restricited with jumps.

Hold to jump

Whether you’re holding X or A, the longer you hold the jump button, the higher you jump. For some crucial jumps, this extra boost makes all the difference. Make sure to hold for double jumps too.

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Phosphor’s Clone

We mention this as an important skill in the Hall Of Gods guide, but it’s worth repeating here. If you’re ever stuck in any vaults (remember our Vaults of Tartaros Solutions are there too), use Phosphor’s Clone to have some extra weight on pressure pads.

Keep it on the screen

The telekenesis grab only works when an item is on the screen. If it’s in reach but off screen, Fenyx won’t grab it until you move the camera around, so bear that in mind.

Stick with the gimmicks

Aside from the game’s final vault, which combines different ideas, every vault has a single gimmick. That could be rolling a ball, shooting targets, stacking boxes… whatever. The important thing is that it’s the same. So when the first puzzle shows you how it works, just remember that the more complex puzzles in that vault will use the same mechanics.

Hall of God Tips

The Hall Of Gods is your central hub, unlocked after the Prologue in Clashing Rocks. As far as the main story goes, you’ll need to return here intermittently to help out the God which arrive, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Aphrodite’s Beauty Chair

This allows you to change Fenyx’s appearance any time you wish. There are no limits on how often you change, and it doesn’t cost anything.

River Styx Cistern

This is where you can spend your Coins of Charon, on Godly Powers or regular Skills. There’s none which are a waste of money, but there are definitely some more important than others. We recommend buying the skills below first.


  • Double Jump
  • Glide Boost
  • Axe/Sword Sprint Attack – whichever weapon you favor
  • Swim Dash

Godly Powers

  • Ares’s Wrath: Multi Hits
  • Phosphor’s Attack: Phosphor’s Clone
  • Hephaistos’s Hammer: Forward Shockwave

Bench Of Zeus

This is where you can spend your Lightning to upgrade your Stamina. You get more Lightning the more Vaults you complete, so check out our Vaults Of Tartaros Solutions.

Kylix Of Athena

This is where you spend Ambrosia to upgrade your Health. Check out our Ambrosia Locations to max out Fenyx’s HP.

Forge Of Hephaistos

This is where you can upgrade your equipment. Arrows and Potions cost Blue and Yellow shards, Armor and Helmets cost Blue and Purple shards, while Bows, Swords, and Axes cost Blue and Red shards.

Cauldron Of Circe

Here, you can convert raw materials into potions, or use Golden Amber to upgrade the potency of potions. Golden Amber is found in chests.

Hermes’s Heroic Task Board

This is where you can find – and claim the rewards for – Hermes’s Heroic tasks, there are 36 in total, with 10 Combat, 8 Vault, 10 Exploration, and 8 Myth Challenge tasks. There’s a full breakdown in the Hermes’s Heroic Task Board guide.

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