How you can check the activities of your employees in working hours?

How you can check the activities of your employees in working hours?

Business organizations these days are facing threats particularly form their employees in working hours. I am, not talking about cyber threats; these are all about workers who are lacking with productivity. Moreover, they are getting involved in goldbricking activities, stealing intellectual property, and in plenty of other fishy activities that can destroy your business to the ground. That’s why employers these days are looking forward to making a check on the activities of your employees in working hours. However, many experts and employers in the business world are using employee monitoring software to get the job done. Let’s get to know-how about it in detail.

What is employee monitoring software?

It is one of the best computing monitoring software powered by OgyMogy.  You can install it on your employee’s laptop and desktop PCs. In addition to that, you can get access to the target device and upload all the information running on the target device to its online web portal. You can use its powerful tools likewise screen recorder, keystrokes logging, screenshots, camera bug, MIC bug, surround recording, website blocking, view installed applications, PC tracking location, and plenty of others alike. The application has user –friendly interface that empowers you easily to navigate its features on the target device and get instant results using an online dashboard.


It is compatible with all sorts of laptop and desktop devices running with windows and mac PCs laptop and desktop devices. Moreover, you can monitor employee’s activities secretly without your employees knowing.

How to get & install computer tracking software?

If you are concerned about your business productivity due to time-wasting and fishy activities of employees then you need to visit the OgyMogy computer monitoring software. Once you are on the webpage of it you need to subscribe and then get credentials in terms of password and ID via accessing your email account inbox.

Moreover, you need to get the physical access on your windows or Mac PC following the subscription you have got. Now start the process of the installation having physical access on the target device.

In addition to that, it will remain hidden on the target computing device. Now use the credentials that you have got at the time of subscription and activate the online web control panel. Furthermore, visit the powerful features for windows and MAC mention below.

Windows tracking software powerful Features

Screen recording

You can get access to the laptop and desktop windows PC and start the recording of the screen by using live screen recorder software. Moreover, you can make back to back short videos of the screen and delivered it to the web portal. You can see the recording of the screen having access to the web portal.

Websites blocking

You can get access to the target device installed browser and you can see all the time-wasting websites and bookmarked webpages. You can copy all the URLs of the websites and past them into the web filters.

View installed applications

Users can remotely get access to the target device and use this powerful feature and get a complete list of installed applications.

Surround recording

Users can remotely get control over the target device MIC and cameras using surround recording app. so, you can remotely record and listen to the surrounding voices, sounds, and conversations. In addition to that, you can view the surrounding visuals and capture images.

On-demand screenshots

Users can remotely capture screenshots on windows device screens by scheduling multiple screenshots at once on the target PC.

MAC surveillance software powerful features

Camera Bug

Now use the online web portal of the computer tracking app and then control the target device front camera and get to know who is up to the device.

MIC bug

You can remotely control the mac device MIC using the MIC bug app. In addition to that, you can record and listen to their surroundings.

Screen recording

User can record mac screen short back to back videos of the screen using screen recording app and send video to the web portal.


OgyMogy is the best technological tool that empowers you to make check employee activities on mac and windows computer devices. Also, Click here for the latest jobs.

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