How to Install Apps on FireStick without using a Credit Card?

How to Install Apps on FireStick without using a Credit Card?

Amazon’s fireplace TV and fireplace TV stick are technically Android. But you wouldn’t understand it from trying. Amazon includes a wall of content for its set-top box and doesn’t need Google (with its competitive platform) to crash the party or share your credit card details as can help you resolve that issue. However, even if the fireplace TV solely has official access to Amazon’s Appstore, you’ll install different apps too. Learn how to install apps on FireStick without using a credit card.

Most apps are created for phones & lack the mandatory API calls to figure with a TV remote interface. 

First You Should Enable Third-Party Apps in Settings to Install Apps on FireStick

To put in apps from outside Amazon’s Appstore, a method called Sideloading, and you’ll have to change a setting initially. Head to the fireplace TV home page, then go to the Settings tab, which is on the right. Highlight “Device,” then go to the Developer option.

Highlight Apps from Unknown Sources then press the middle button. Choose, Turn on on the warning screen. That’s it—you’re able to install apps from outside the Amazon App store. Currently, you’ll have to find the apps you would like, within the type of APK installers

You have got many choices for doing so: you’ll load them from your smartphone. Browse the online from your fireplace TV, or load them from a cloud storage service like Dropbox

First Choice is to Load From A Phone

The quickest associated easiest method to urge an app over to your fireplace TV, while not having to use third-party apps or any tedious TV remote typewriting, is to use your smartphone. Apps2Fire app on the Play Store allows you to transfer any app that’s already put in on your phone over to the set-top box. 

Thus move the app, then ensure that your phone is on a constant Wi-Fi network as your fireplace TV device. You’ll conjointly have to ensure that “ADB Debugging” is enabled within the Settings > Device > developer options screen on the fireplace TV.

Open the app on your phone, then faucet the three-dot button within the upper-right corner and choose Setup. During this screen faucet, “Network.” watch for the scan to complete, and you’ll see all the devices connected to your native Network. Known by their internet protocol (IP) address and the name of your device.

In my case, the device labeled “amazon-c638d5ac29” is my fireplace TV. If you can’t tell that one is the right device, use the fireplace TV remote to navigate to Settings > Device > concerning > Network. The (IP) address must be correct. Faucet the right device, then choose local apps from the tabs at the top of your screen.

From this list, you’ll faucet any of the apps on your phone, then Install, and it’ll be sent over the Network to your fireplace TV. You don’t even have to do something on the TV, and it’ll install itself within the background and seem on your home screen mechanically.

Second Choice is to Download Apps From the Web on Your Fire TV

You’ll transfer apps manually to your fireplace TV from the web. Return through the Settings menu till you get to the fireplace TV home page. Then, faucet either the Search tool on the left or the Alexa voice search button on your remote, explore for “Downloader.” 

Highlight the result below to urge that this tiny app exists for one reason: to transfer different apps. It’s a barebones browser that may allow you to navigate to any website on the online and transfer APK files. Then you have to open the installer window. 

Navigation is either direct to an address named as download address, which is on the home page, or within the browser available on the menu. You’ll use the remote to maneuver the pointer and also the on-screen keyboard to sort internet URLs or search terms.

App page on the Amazon App store.

You can notice APKs anywhere, however, be cautious of web sites you don’t apprehend, and I suggest to use Apk Mirror. It’s an extraordinarily trustworthy supply that solely accepts verified apps that are scanned for modifications and exclusively hosts freely-available stuff. Thus there’s no piracy concerned.

Once you’ve elite a file, the Downloader app can mechanically begin the installation method. Highlight and choose “Install” to start, then “Done” to complete. Your app can seem on the house page and beneath “Apps.”

The third Choice is To Download on Your Computer and Load from Cloud Storage

However, what if you’ve already got the APK files you would like to install? Or what if you’d instead browse from your laptop then your fireplace TV? in this case, you’ll transfer the APK files on your computer. Then throw them on your favorite cloud storage consumer, like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. 

Then switch back to your fireplace TV unit and use the Search menu or the Alexa voice button to go looking for a file manager or Es file explorer.

Highlight that File explorer within the results window, click it, then you have to download the app. once it’s open, use the directional buttons to navigate to the left-most column, then click on Network. Highlight Cloud and click on it.

From here, you’ll choose your most popular cloud storage service, log in, and click on the files you have to use. Highlight the APK files within the folder you created on top. Click them and follow the on-screen prompts to transfer and install them.

I hope, this guide helps you to install apps on FireStick


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