How To Rent My Property?

How To Rent My Property?

You can contact us at our phones or contact us through our contact form, you can also go to any of our offices which are open all year round.

One of our salespeople will attend you and advise you in relation to the current market. Tenant credit report is also quite beneficial to know your clients. 

In order to provide a complete and detailed report as each client deserves, it is essential for us to visit the property since with years of experience we know how to interpret what the tenants request.

How Much Does It Cost For The Real Estate Company To Offer My Property?

The cost for the real estate agency to offer a property is zero weight for the owner, the important thing is to achieve a working team between the owner and the real estate agency so as not to harm the work of our office or the property, and that is achieved with a Constant dialogue and notifications of any change in the product, whether it is a reform, restructuring or price, when leaving a fixed price this must be respected as well as the pre-established conditions by both parties.

What Commission Should I Pay To The Real Estate And When?

The commission charged by the real estate is 10% of the rental value and is paid at the time the tenant pays the total rent, this commission does not carry VAT, as long as the tenant is not a resident of the apartment where he is renting .

What Benefit Do I Have By Leaving It To A Real Estate Company?

In these times when the offer is greater, we consider that only the houses that are adapted to the needs of tourists will be the ones that will have the best result and higher remuneration, that is why with us you can:

  • Have advice in the market when offering your property, as to what it needs to have in order to be more competitive and at a suitable price.
  • Have a greater possibility when it comes to offering and advertising, because we have a fixed clientele that increases year by year and they choose us to find a property according to their needs. In addition to our website, which we are constantly renewing, we have publications in the best search engines in the region, we are also in a group of real estate agencies which allows us to reach a larger sector of the market.
  • When renting a property a contract is made with a deposit guarantee, together with the inventory which is checked at the time the tenant enters and at the time of withdrawal.
  • With us you make sure that, should any problem arise with your property, you have the backing of a serious and responsible company, which has professional legal advice.
  • Faced with any unforeseen event or just maintenance of the property, you should not worry, we have a maintenance team that takes care of each sector, such as sanitary, electrician, bricklayer, gardener, pool maintenance and / or purchases and facilities.

Come and trust a leading company, if you are looking for a professional and serious job, we will take care of your property as much as you, knowing the market more deeply and professionally.

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