How to Choose a Boat for Rent for Safe Ocean Rides?

How to Choose a Boat for Rent for Safe Ocean Rides?

Let’s go and see all the good rules of conduct and the “critical issues” to which we must pay attention when we decide to rent a boat. No matter which boat you use and what route you are driving on, you need a powerful navigation system like, Timzero Professional to make your journey more accurate and safe. 

The world of charter is one of the fastest doors to sailing holidays. In fact, the charter does not impose all the responsibilities that the owner has in managing a boat and its heavy costs, and is therefore a valid alternative to buying, offering us the opportunity to visit a new destination around the world by boat every summer. 


Charter companies offer boats of all types, even the latest models on the market, pure cruising or a little more sporty, it will not be a problem to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

However, taking a boat on charter also means being aware of how the charter works and having a minimum of knowledge of the rules and bureaucracy in this regard.

When Do You Need A Nautical License?

Much depends on the type of boat. Unregistered boats up to 10 meters are defined as boats and do not need a boat license if they sail within 6 miles from the coast and if their propulsion has a power of less than 40 hp. If we have an unlimited nautical license (over 12 miles), it will not be possible to drive an unregistered boat beyond the limit of 12.

How Do The Costs Of A Charter Work?

All boat rental companies usually have fixed costs and extra costs. When evaluating a company’s offer, it will be essential to analyze what is included in the offer and what is not, in order to avoid incurring expenses that we had not foreseen.

For example, cleaning the boat at the end of the rental, or other services such as wifi on board, are very often extra costs, some even mandatory. In general, it is a good idea to have these differences clear in the price lists.

What Is The Inventory?

When the charter company delivers the boat they have an inventory signed of all goods and equipment that are granted with the boat. It will be very important to check this list of things and their correct functioning. Upon returning, the company will check if everything is in order.

It may be a good idea, before signing the inventory, to check the operation of some crucial equipment, such as the engine, the jib furler or the mainsail furler, also checking the state of wear of the sails.

In fact, these are sensitive components that can be put under stress during a sailing holiday and it is good to make sure that they are in perfect condition before taking the boat over.

How Does The Deposit Work?

All charter companies require, to cover the risk of a possible accident, a deposit to be paid before check-in which will subsequently be returned if the boat is returned on the day and in the agreed place, under the general conditions required by the company in the contract of lease.

In the event of an accident, the company can decide to withhold part or all of the deposit. It is possible to insure the deposit, to prevent any loss, with a figure that usually exceeds 10% of the amount of the deposit.

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