6 Compelling Reasons To Consider Outsourcing To Ukraine

6 Compelling Reasons To Consider Outsourcing To Ukraine

Before considering outsourcing in Ukraine, you should know what the term means. The process of seeking the services of a third party to do specific works that could be done by the company’s employees or personnel is outsourcing. Outsourcing is a cost-cutting strategy used by many businesses. Because of the cost-cutting strategy, most companies prefer outsourcing to Ukraine.

An outsourcing endeavor with a technology provider in information technology can encompass various functions, from the complete IT department to discrete, easily defined components like disaster recovery, network services, software development, or QA testing.

Outsourcing will continue to expand, and organizations should plan accordingly. According to recent assessments, the worldwide IT outsourcing market might grow by $98 billion between 2020 and 2024.

Companies can outsource IT services onshore, nearshore, or offshore. Traditionally, nearshore and offshore outsourcing have been explored to save money. Onshore means outsourcing IT services to their country alone. Nearshore is to another country in the same time zone, while offshore is to another company, usually a more distant company.

While these three approaches differ significantly, they are nonetheless bound by the same business logic: the corporation strives to reduce costs while providing the best service possible. In the United States and certain countries, it is true that recruiting talented online and mobile software developers, DevOps engineers, Big Data architects, and system administrators is highly costly. As a result, many IT outsourcing centers have emerged worldwide, with Ukraine being the most popular.

The benefits of outsourcing vary depending on the situation. Still, they typically include one or more of the following: reduced costs, increased efficiency, changeable capacity, access to skills or resources, and a shorter time to market.

With the benefits of outsourcing included, outsourcing risks include lack of business or subject knowledge, language and cultural obstacles, time zone disparities, and a lack of control.

Reasons You Should Consider Outsourcing In Ukraine

Outsourcing software development in Ukraine could be beneficial to your company. Ukraine has more than 200,000 IT professionals. According to Ukraine Invest, this number will reach 250,000 by 2025. It translates to a 4-5 percent annual growth rate.

Regarding development outsourcing in Ukraine, the country boasts the most significant number of IT specialists in Central and Eastern Europe. Furthermore, in terms of the number of freelancers or self-employed professional developers, Ukraine ranks second in Europe. Moreover, you won’t find a more excellent price-to-quality ratio anyplace else on the planet.

If you are considering outsourcing to Ukraine, here are six reasons you should do so:

Ukrainian IT Engineers Have High-Tech Backgrounds

More than 20,000 local students are projected to get a bachelor’s degree in IT by 2024. It is a 23 percent increase from 2020. Higher education institutions currently produce an average of 16,200 bachelor’s degrees in IT graduates per year.

According to analysts, the proportion of university applicants taking IT courses will continue to rise at its current rate, reaching 16.1% in 2026. As a result, 37,400 new specialists will be hired each year by 2030.

Fluent Spoken and Written English

The majority of organizations in Ukraine require fluent spoken and written English, as the country’s educational system is pretty good, and there are several affordable possibilities for all IT professionals and other employees to learn English.

The Tech Community Is Growing

Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Vinnytsia are the core Ukrainian cities with the most skilled engineers, UI/UX designers, project managers, business analysts, and other IT specialists. Beyond Ukraine’s borders, Kyiv is well-known for it. The city ranked among the top 20 European IT centers.

Overlapping time zones

Ukraine’s GMT+2 time corresponds or overlaps, at least partially, with most European working hours. Normally, US customers have a few overlapping hours a day, allowing IT outsourcing services in Ukraine to complete most jobs overnight.

Over 1500 Software Development Firms

Because Ukraine has more than 1,500 IT enterprises, outsourcing programming makes sense. They provide almost all kinds of software development services. R&D, online and mobile development, IT consulting, UI and UX design, quality assurance, and testing, specialized team creation, and more are all included.

Excellent Work Ethic

You may be confident in the commitment to excellence and work ethic you will receive from IT outsourcing to Ukraine. Personal and professional ties are just as important as facts and data. Developers in Ukraine invest in the projects for which they are responsible.

The world is in the digital age, yet, not everyone is knowledgeable when it comes to technology. In a bid to help your business, you should consider outsourcing in Ukraine.

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