3 Tips To Choose Hotel for Business Trip in Singapore

3 Tips To Choose Hotel for Business Trip in Singapore

Singapore is known as the economic center and a super-busy country. Many people come to Singapore not only for a staycation, but also for business. Many residents live in Singapore who choose to stay at hotels for business meetings or various events related to their work. Because there are many hotels in Singapore, you may feel confused about choosing a hotel that fits your office budget and needs.

Looking for a hotel for a business trip is different from looking for a hotel for a staycation. For a business trip in Singapore, you need to pay attention to facilities and locations. Such as Shangri la Hotel, which is 6 km from the iconic Marina Bay Sands resort and 2.3 km from Singapore Botanic Gardens. Traveloka will help you before booking a hotel. So, let’s see the tips below to choose hotels for business trips!


Before booking a hotel for a business trip, you need to consider how long your meeting or business event will last? Does it take days? Or business meetings will take all day? If the answer is yes, then there is nothing wrong if you choose a hotel that has complete facilities. Standard hotel facilities such as WiFi, cable TV, room service, and also a 24-hour front desk will also make it easier for your guests to check in and check out.

Hotels in Singapore usually also have easy access to office centers, various shopping centers, several tourist attractions, and access to all corners of Singapore. This can make it easier for your guests to explore Singapore.


When choosing a hotel for a business trip, you should pay attention to the budget. If you decide to choose a hotel with a price above the budget, then this will make the company’s cashflow have problems. For that, you should choose a hotel with a standard budget but with complete facilities so that guests feel comfortable on a business trip.

Consider carefully before choosing a hotel, because the right hotel will provide maximum comfort to the guests. Clean rooms and attractive interiors are also points that need to be considered in choosing a hotel according to your budget.

Events and Activities

In order to choose the hotel for a business trip, you should consider what kind of activities your company will organize. That will determine which hotel should be selected. If you want to have a meeting or a more serious meeting, you should choose a hotel with a calm atmosphere and not too crowded with visitors.

On the other hand, if your company’s activities include casual and more relaxed events, you can choose a hotel that provides a relaxation situation. Choosing a hotel that suits your activities will be able to make the guests feel more enjoy and comfortable during the business trip.

Those are tips for determining the best hotel for a business trip. You don’t need to hesitate to choose a hotel according to your office budget because Traveloka always provides many comfortable hotels with affordable prices in Singapore. Not only Shangri La Hotel, you can also choose Porcelain Hotel, which is 3 km from the bayside gardens of Gardens by the Bay.

There are many hotels in strategic areas that you can choose according to your business trip needs. You can make payments for each room booked through various payment methods. Such as bank transfer, credit cards, ATMs, and Pay Later payment methods. What are you waiting for? Let’s book a hotel room on Traveloka now!

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