5 Ways You Can Manage Your PPC During This COVID-19 Outbreak

5 Ways You Can Manage Your PPC During This COVID-19 Outbreak

Coronavirus outbreak has led to business shutdown across the world. Companies no matter which industry they belong to are struggling day and night to retain their business and keep it running online. Even the companies who have managed to stay operational are facing multiple hurdles as customers are now least interested to make any kind of purchases.  

Now the question is, how to overcome this situation?

Surviving in this pandemic situation with a significant economical crisis might be challenging. But not if you manage your PPC strategies properly. This turns out to be a silver lining for the businesses, leveraging them with a light of hope. 

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Managing PPC services in normal days and the same during this crisis period has a difference. Today, we will talk about how to manage your PPC in this pandemic.

5 Ways You Can Manage Your PPC Strategies During COVID-19

Reshape your business

To thrive in this pandemic situation, many companies have shifted their businesses to promote different products and services. This is indeed a smart approach to keep your business running even though it is challenging.

Does your business promote luxurious products and services? If yes, try to reshape your business with something that everyone needs even in this pandemic. Start selling essential goods or provide essential services. In this current environment, even though buyers are not interested in your niche, they will certainly hire you for essential services.

This temporary business plan will not just help you to remain active in this situation. But even help you to connect with some more new audiences worldwide. Office essentials, packaging services, stationeries, environment control services, medical services, groceries, entertainment, and much more can be your next niche.

Reevaluate your budgets and expenditure

Since half your business is shut down, probably you have saved a good amount of your expenditure. It is the right time to reevaluate your budgets and frame your expenses accordingly.

Use the saved money for running campaigns on your newly launched products and services. Spend wisely so that you can generate optimistic results in a low budget. You can definitely have a look at how to manage PPC ads on a small budget.  

Examine the search behavior

People are now more attentive regarding buying products or hiring services. If you examine their search behavior, you will find they are spending more time online searching for the right products that get delivered on time, maintaining proper hygiene.

While you run a campaign promoting your latest addition, take care of the following things.

Don’t forget to add CTA, shipping information, talk about online payment, and most importantly how you take care of your employees’ health.
Don’t forget to mention free delivery, safe packaging, and no-contact services on your ad copy.

Search behavior in recent times has changed a lot. People are more using keywords like a pandemic, COVID, coronavirus, epidemic, virus, health, etc. in their searches. Therefore, you must review the list of keywords and make some changes to it.

Use the most active advertising channels

You may not have a huge budget to run ads on multiple advertising channels. But you can simply make the best choice out of hundreds and run your ad copies smartly.

Reports say Facebook is generating more active users in recent times. People are not just confined to watching videos and scrolling their timeline. Instead, they are spending time watching live streams, messaging, responding to different groups, and so on. In short, online users are returning to Facebook to spend their time being social.

What if we say, create an ad copy for Facebook users? It is a brilliant idea to increase your business revenue and generate conversions without disturbing your budget.

Don’t forget to geotarget

Serving the customers worldwide is a bit difficult nowadays. However, you can pay more attention to your local audience and generate high traffic from them.
This is when the geotargeting feature arrives. Geotargeting implies targeting the right audience by filtering them based on location. This includes ZIP codes, city, state, and so on. Geotargeting allows you to reach out to the right audience and cultivate the quality traffic to the site.

Don’t forget to filter your ads. 

The Bottom Line

Most of you may still have confusion about how PPC services can help during this pandemic. In fact, many of you already set a statement that investing in PPC strategies is completely the wrong approach.

For them, who find this PPC services and strategies a waste of time and money, we would like to share with you some proven statistics. It is true that due to this coronavirus outbreak, the conversion rates have dropped down a lot. But it is also true that with this strategy, many businesses have managed to thrive in this hotchpotch situation. 

Some most popular names are medical advertisers, office suppliers, packaging services, entertainment companies, essential items selling companies, and so on. Therefore, it will be wrong to conclude that PPC strategies will only lead to a huge loss. It can bring your business to the limelight if you shape it wisely.

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