Download Mini Militia Apk-Doodle Army 2 (Free) for Android

Download Mini Militia Apk-Doodle Army 2 (Free) for Android

Today we are introducing the mini militia Apk which you can download for free from our websites. We provide 100% safe and secure game files. You get the game with the latest version available by its developers.

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NameMini Militia
Size41 MB
Version5.3.2 (Latest)
Rating4.1 Star
Requires Android5.0 or Above


It’s among the world’s best multiplayer 2D shooting games for android. It also has a large number of user base with 100 million+ players globally. Looking at its stats, which are 100M+ downloads and 4.1 stars rating on the play store, we can conclude that it’s the most downloaded and highest rated battle royale game on play store.

What’s New in Latest Version (5.3.2)?

  • New Battle Pass
  • New Avatars
  • More Coins
  • New Crates
  • New Weapons
  • Better Graphics
  • New Outfits


Online Multiplayer with Up to 6 Players

Mini Militia is a great online multiplayer game where you can create your 6 Ayers team and battle other teams/squads to win matches. Each match you win, the game rewards you with coins and other valuable items. Later, you can use those useful items to strengthen your team by equipping them with better weapons and many more upgrades, so they are prepared for future matches.

Intuitive Shooting Controls with Jetpack Mode

Its controls are straightforward to understand. You can easily control your character with its rules. You don’t even need to use a joystick or any other 3rd party control as it’s on-screen co trips are enough. Moreover, you can customize the rules as you want, like if you want the buttons to be bigger or smaller, positing the buttons, and many more. So it gets easy, and even if you are a left-handed person, then the controls work correctly for you.

20+ Maps to Explore

Many battle royal games offers just 4 to 5 maps but the Mini Militia offers 20+ maps to play. Each map contains a large variety of challenges and adventures which will help you or act as a obstacle for you while fighting the matches. So explore them and find your fighting place.

Offline Survival & Training Mode

The mini militia offers a great offline survival and training mode which ensures that you are well prepared and you know the basics of them before going in the matches with other players globally.

User Reviews

1st User: This app is excellent, but there is a problem it is that free for all and team deathmatch need network, and when the player starts to write, others kill them if there was no network is free for all and team deathmatch and talking system player would not to connect internet and not be killed while writing.

2nd User: If anyone want a 2d shooter, which can also be played offline/online. Mini militia is the best game ever. I love it very much, best game which gives fun and competition. To say more about this wonderful game I need more words than 500!

3rd User: It’s better than the previous one; before it was to play with the ones we know, it’s improved a lot. We could play with random people. The game also has a lot of features in it so that it doesn’t keep you bored. Hope this game continues to grow

Final Words

We hope you like the mini militia apk, and please download it from our website to get a 100% free and safe file. Moreover, if you have any queries, then do ask in the comment section below.

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