How to Act If a Suspicious Number Calls Your Mobile

How to Act If a Suspicious Number Calls Your Mobile

Surely more than once you have come across unknown numbers on your phone that when you pick up they don’t even answer, or if they do they want to sell you something. It is a very frequent and annoying situation that all of us who have a cell phone have gone through. The so-called spam calls make us lose time and patience. Reverse phone lookup programs can also help you discover if a number is not authentic. 

 On many occasions when I pick up the phone it seems that there is no one on the other end of the line, but just after a while or a few days later we begin to receive calls from pollsters, vendors, banks … The big question is what exactly are these spam calls? What do they achieve and intend to harass us in this way? The answer is very easy: earn money and new customers.

The big problem that we face is whether or not to take the mobile, since most of the time it is about landlines that could be important calls and not spam. On the Internet there are tools and applications that allow us to identify these numbers and, if things get ugly, block them.


One of the ways to know if the phone that called you is spam or not, in order to return the call or not, is to consult it on a website enabled for it. One of them is Tellows . Basically you just have to enter the number in question in the search engine section to find out if it is a suspicious number. Tellows will give you information on the name of the company behind it (if it is one), giving you a scale from 1 (very reliable) to 9 (not reliable). In addition, it also includes a map with the location of the interlocutor.

Logically, Tellows provides this data if the phone is registered in its database. You already know that if it is not and you finally verify that it is spam, you can register it yourself so that other users are on notice. The website is consulted daily by more than 200,000 people from 47 countries.

Another of these websites is ListaSpam . As they themselves claim, they are the largest telephone directory of companies in the entire network, with more than 50,000 registered telephone spam numbers. Like the previous one, it also has a search engine for you to enter the telephone number to consult . It is recommended to search the system before answering any calls to any unknown or suspicious number. This way, you will really know who is calling and what their intentions are. If you prefer, instead of entering the web you can install its application available for iOS or Android.


Once you verify that the calls you are receiving come from spam numbers, it is best to automatically block them. You can do it with apps or making a series of adjustments on Android or iOS, depending on the platform you use.

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