The Perilous Side of Roblox

The Perilous Side of Roblox

Are you a parent still sceptical about Roblox? You have yet to decide whether this online gaming platform is secure enough for your kid and this site can elaborate you about it. Then, keep in mind that one of the first results that you come by when scouting about Roblox is an image stating the Parent Safety Guide. This shows the intensity of how kids were affected by this game. Get to know about the perilous side of Roblox

Haven’t a clue about Roblox? Hang on. We’ll catch you up on that.

What is Roblox?

We have to admit that it has its perks-teaching skills like coding and entrepreneurship.

It is explicitly designed to be kid-friendly, but guess what! There are no age limits to this game. This becomes the prime reason for the game’s dangerous aspects, as we will see further on. 

Pitfalls of Roblox:

1. Profanity in speech and action

Although Roblox has filtered, it’s chat boxes from profane words. Users still manage to send defiled messages to other users, who are mostly under the age of 15. Its pulled off by typing words without leaving any spaces in between such that the filter system does not recognize unallowable phrases at all.

Youngsters, who are greenhorns to these terms, use them to prattle back to their new virtual friends and even use them in real life!

One such incident had taken place when a 10-year old started using tainted words out of nowhere (obviously, not intending its true meaning). When asked about it, she confessed that she learned it through Roblox. 

Another alarming incident took place; a father decided to check this new game, his sons under the age of 12- were playing for a while. After launching into it, one of their “friends” told him to follow them into a particular room, after which the user set about mimicking sexual movements. The shocked dad informed the incident on various blogs only to realize that instances akin to the matter had happened numerous times before this.

2. Matured Outfits and Descriptions

Roblox claims to activate the kid-friendly restraints if the player is under 13. That includes the user’s avatar outfits as well as profile descriptions. Once again, outfits a little too mature for a young player can be noticed from the choices being given. 

Furthermore, the no-space technique used in messages, as observed earlier, corresponds to user descriptions and even usernames!

3. Emotional Abuse

Well, you guessed it. It is the same thing all over again. Now, demotivating words is not in the list of expressions that players cannot use. And so, these are used freely and carelessly towards children. Kids come across loads of verbal bullying and blackmailing that they acquire a negative outlook towards everyday life and may develop severe mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and an occasional mental breakdown.

4. Monetary and Dating Scams

Nimiety of scams is one thing to be sure of Roblox and, to be honest, any other gaming and social media platform. Parents may have configured their credit card numbers and pin codes in their phones, which kids use to play Roblox with. Scammers put certain items under the name of a discount when, in reality, it costs more than its actual price.

Scammers are also noted to scandalize juveniles by posing as an online admirer and trick them into transferring money or, once more, performing sexual activities virtually.

5. Wonted Consequences

As per usual, games can be exceptionally violent, ingraining a similar mindset in kids. Besides, some games, such as the BlueWhale, can give the wrong idea of a “challenging game.” Though BlueWhale is not a Roblox game, it is only a matter of time for such games to come into existence through Roblox. 

In addition to all of this, kids live in the virtual world, which is too perfect for them, that real-life circumstances become unbearable, and may also inhibit one’s independence.


Health-related problems caused by video games are also risky, which is commonly known. Recent analyses have revealed that continuous strain can lead to eye-affecting cancers and difficulties due to bad posture. 

Dealing With This Mess: Scrupulous Monitoring

As we’ve learn about the perilous side of Roblox, This games can bring such dangers that, in practicality, a restraining order needs to be filled. Restrictions brought about by the game have done very little in avoiding these vicious state of affairs.

  • Parents are advised to maintain consistent supervision on the game which their kids engage in.
  • Casual-talk about the games with your child can also help understand what he/she learns through them.
  • Parents should offer to play Roblox alongside their young ones every once in a while.

In short, always remember to have constant vigilance. I hope this article: The perilous side of Roblox helps you to resolve your query.


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