How to Deal with Wallhacks in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone

How to Deal with Wallhacks in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone

Hackers can ruin a good match in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare unless players know a few tips or tricks to keep them at bay until the match ends.

Hackers and cheaters have plagued Call of Duty: Warzone and modern Warfare since the game launched, while fans argue whether it is a product of crossplay or the inability of Activision to combat the problem. No matter the case, hackers are continuing to ruin the game for hundreds of players and forcing Warzone fans to choose between their love of the game and hatred of cheaters.

This leaves fans with several options. Players will either ignore the problem, quit because of it, or learn to deal with it directly. Activision has given fans the tools to report cheating modern Warfare players, but there are other ways to bring down hackers. Remembering a couple of quick tips, tricks, and skills can ruin a hacker’s game and bring about the ban that they deserve.

The first step to identifying a hacker is to watch their movements and behavior. Most Modern Warfare Wallhack aimbots and wallhacks can be easily noticed through pre-aiming and erratic auto-locking motions. Aimbots normally target the head of enemies, making it appear jumpy to precise points. When mixed with a wallhack, players will have a tendency to aim at other players that are not visible at that exact moment.

A great example of aimbot behavior is the six-month-long hacker that had a full discussion with TimTheTatMan. This hacker spends some time answering Tim’s questions while running through the map auto-locking on targets and getting insane kills in a round of Warzone. The moments he displayed along with the accuracy and snap-to precision are all signs that an aimbot is at work.

Wallhacks have a similar pattern. Players that use wallhacks have a tendency to forget they are cheating and turn instantly on players hiding in unconventional spots. One great tip to detecting a wallhacking player is to hide somewhere near the map boundary where the opponents have no reason to go. If they still can find the hidden player, then there is a high chance that something extra suspicious is happening on their backend.

Once a hacking player is confirmed, the best thing to do is to report them immediately. As shown in Activision’s ban waves, it does not take much for the system to ban an account. Once the account is banned, there isn’t much players can do about it. Activision operates on a one-strike system with no built-in way to appeal for accounts to be returned once deleted. This permanent solution may seem harsh, but it is a highly effective deterrent to the hacking problem within warzone. Visit here; video game.

Once the modern warfare or warzone report is filed, players should gather up screenshots and video clips of the offending player. By building up evidence, players can educate other fans about what hacker behavior looks like as well as have a prebuilt stockpile to double down on any reported case. 

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