Making a Travel or Navigational App: What You Need To Know

Making a Travel or Navigational App: What You Need To Know

Traveling and navigation are two of the most famous categories in app stores. Traveling applications provide you with specifics of how-to, and navigational apps help you with the where-to. Many different applications serve millions of people around the day in this aspect, with successful business models and millions in revenue.

If you are planning to make such an application, then first you will need to understand the market, and then comes the part where you develop an app that caters to the need of travelers. Australia receives averagely 9 million tourists every year. That means if you are targeting Australian market, your application has millions of potential users. You can employ Best app development Australia in order to make an application that caters to the local market.

However, most of travelers around the world collectively want the same thing: proper and cheap flights, comfortable accommodation, and transportation. Does your travelling application offer all of these? In order to do that, let us look at what successful types of applications offer. We can categorize what basic traveling and navigational apps offer in three different types:

  1. Flight bookings
  2. Accommodation
  3. Transportation

Let us break them down separately in order to understand what an average traveler usually looks for in a travelling app.

Flight Booking

Flight booking is one of the main features of a traveling app, at all times you should be considering people are looking for cheap and affordable flight rates. Several Application Program Interfaces (APIs) offer live data on the flights, updating your application habitually. Not only does that keep your application fresh, but also builds its price offering reputation as fast paced and viable.

Should it not only allow your user to book tickets, but also notify them whenever there is a drop or hike in flight prices. Remember, your main goal is providing your user, who is a potential traveler, an idea about when or how to plan a trip or vacation. 

This feature of the application should also track past ventures and bookings in order to create algorithms that understands the user’s budget and their needs. The more personalize the application to a user is, more likely they are to use your application more than once.


Perhaps the most important part of any travel is finding appropriate accommodations, with lively hotel rooms that offer a view, and hotels with impeccable services. In order to create this part of the app, you will need proper and extensive research on most travelled countries. 

For example, with over 89 million visitors a year, France is the most traveled to country in the world. Spain and United States are a close second and third. Australia is not too far down, as best mobile app developer services Canada suggests that whenever users look for flight bookings, they have booked their accommodations in advance. As Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are most frequently visited cities in the country, they have several different hotels and their accommodation prices differ. Follow the same API rules in order to track prices and user’s history.


Your user is not just going to book a flight, find comfortable accommodation and spend their vacation or tip sitting in a hotel room, and staring out the window, admiring the view. Travers are explorers, they want to go out and look at the cultures and things the country they have traveled to offers. 

Finding your users proper local transportation is not just a responsibility, its necessity. Look at transportation services part of your application as your ground force, as proper conveyance is one of the driving force of a travel app user’s approval. Make contacts with local transportations, find and track their rates for a smooth client experience.


These are the fundamentals of a decent travelling app, which does not only provide suitable traveling resources, but also makes sure the user has comfortable accommodation and smooth transportation means. However, a travelling app has other features such as travel guide, which provides users with important information about the country, and trivia about the place they are visiting. In addition, it also allows them to find must-see places and explore local cultures. In conclusion, the essence of a successful travel app lies behind the willingness to serve its user.

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