List of Top 10 Heart Rate Monitoring Apps In 2020

List of Top 10 Heart Rate Monitoring Apps In 2020

Although your heart rate can be tested by several smartwatches and fitness trackers, it is now possible to monitor your pulse using only a smartphone or tablet and a special app. 

When using Android apps, no external hardware is needed, as they use the pre-existing camera and lights of the device to detect a heartbeat by scanning the finger or face of the user and measuring blood flow. It can sound odd, but to get a fast estimate of your average heart rate, it works and is reasonably accurate.

Here Are The 10 best Heart Rate Monitoring Apps:

1) Instant Heart Rate:

The Instant Heart Rate app transforms the camera lens of your phone into a display with a heart rate that shows a reading in less than 10 seconds. Its precision makes this method a trusted favorite among scientists and cardiologists. To read your heart rate and produce a pulse waveform graph, sit and take the easy test or take the StandUp test of the app to assess fatigue and health. The app tracks the beats-per-minute and has a note space at the time of the test to track what you were doing.

2) PulsePoint Respond:

When cardiac issues occur, you cannot always be in the right position to get quick support. This best heart rate app links you in a cardiac (or other) emergency with CPR-trained community members ready to respond. The app uses your GPS to alert people who can respond quickly in the immediate area and use their life-saving skills before EMS can arrive. The software directs paramedics and guides the nearest external automatic defibrillator as well. The app will tip you off to other nearby emergencies and incidents outside the “CPR required” warning, with benefits such as keeping you and your family safe and avoiding traffic in the morning.

3) Blood Pressure Monitor:

The pharmacy’s blood pressure cuff was a lot of fun as a child, but it is much more convenient to have an on-hand blood pressure monitor. To create an unlimited lifetime visualization of your patterns, this software allows you to monitor your vital signs and record them alongside other information, such as your medications. To help you understand how facets of your health and care plan connect, use the maps. Your data will send to e-mail, so you can keep your healthcare team and loved ones in the loop.

4) Cardiio:

Cardiio is a heart fitness app for reading the heart rate that features face recognition technology. You can also use the option of a finger sensor, which leverages the camera light from your screen. A perfect way to gain information about your resting heart rate, heart rate efficiency over time and stamina is the Cardiio app. What’s more, the app includes an interval training circuit that you can follow to help boost your numbers and aerobic ability with the approval of your doctor.

5) Blood Pressure Companion:

Blood pressure companion, by keeping track of your blood pressure and other measures and noticing any complications that might need you to take action, is useful for just what its name aims to be a good friend to you. Via a histogram that displays the pattern of your readings over time, track your blood pressure, heart rate, and weight and conveniently export your accurate data so that you can share it with your healthcare provider.

6) Kardia:

For results that are similar in accuracy to a skilled EKG reading, the Kardia app works with a few distinct Kardia cardiovascular health products, including the Kardiaband EKG system. The app also analyses your EKG to demonstrate if your outcomes are normal or may suggest reading or episode that indicates high blood pressure, an irregular pulse, or even symptoms of conditions such as atrial fibrillation (AFib). The heart rate app is free to download for android which stores your information so you can share it with your healthcare provider as well.

7) Qardio:

Qardio is a holistic app for monitoring heart health that gives you comprehensive, reliable information on your heart rate, blood pressure, and other indicators of cardiovascular health. In conjunction with other health indicators, such as your fat and muscle weight and body shape, these indicators give you the bigger picture of your heart health beyond the numbers. For fast, easy-to-read data, this app works with any Qardio computer, which is also easy to export and share with your doctor or family members. To make your heart health monitoring and sharing even easier, you can also pair this app with an Apple Watch.

8) FibriCheck:

FibriCheck is a simple, easy app intended to give you the same level of detail as an echocardiogram (ECG), letting you know easily if your heart rhythm is abnormal after a one-minute reading. FibriCheck is approved by the Food & Drug Administration ( FDA), so if you need emergency treatment, you should be sure that this app is designed to help save your life.

9) Cardiac Diagnosis (Arrhythmia):

To test your heart rate, without needing any external equipment or sensors, this deceptively simple app uses a guided, intense light to give you an accurate reading of your heart rhythm. It provides readings that let you know immediately what your risk level is (Normal, Caution, or Danger) so that if you are having a dangerous arrhythmia, AFib, or another cardiac incident, you can decide to seek medical assistance.

10) Blood Pressure Tracker:

A long-term calendar to keep track of your blood pressure over time is given by this easy-to-use app. Look at both your systolic and diastolic readings along with your pulse and weight so that, on-demand, you can give your doctor the entire short-term and long-term image of your heart health. In popular formats, such as Excel or PDF, you can also export your data for easy sharing and reading.


Using these tools, you will get profound perspectives and an in-depth look at your vitals. You will have them, no matter whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone. 

All the comprehensive analysis and features of the Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps are given above. Some of them just give you the rate of heartbeat; some have a blend of heartbeat rate and blood pressure.


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