List Of Top 10 Gadgets To Help During Work From Home

List Of Top 10 Gadgets To Help During Work From Home

Work from home doesn’t mean having a small unit of manufacturing good, things had changed a lot with time, and these days you can do office and corporate jobs even from your home. Work from home job demands has drastically increased in this time of pandemic and digitalization is helping people to earn money for their living without visiting their workplace. Let’s have a look at the amazing work from home gadgets.

Whether you are doing work from home kinda job previously or your workplace had offered to do the same due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak, you will need a handful of gadgets to get your tasks done while working from home. I have made a worthy list of those gadgets and gizmos which will help you do your job from your comfort zone.

When it comes to gadgets, the market is flooded with tons of them, and when you don’t know which to buy, which not, you end up buying attention-grabbing but less useful products. Before hitting, stores make sure to make a list of things you are going to buy and then shop accordingly. This featured list of top 10 gadgets to help during work from home will also help you a lot.

Enough of babbling, let’s start the list.

1.Wi-Fi Router


Work from home would be almost impossible without a secure internet connection. Wired internet connections are the things of the past and people are going cordless these days. Whether you are working on your desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone you will need a fast and secure internet connection, and your smartphone internet may not match the level.

You will need broadband service for faster internet and a Wi-Fi router to connect it with multiple devices at a time wirelessly. Buy a quality Wi-Fi router capable of fulfilling your need and according to your budget.


Unless you are working on a laptop, you will need a quality webcam a lot for video conferencing kinds of stuff. Other than just doing official video conferencing, it can be used for a lot of purposes including distance education, mentoring, cooking and fitness tutorials, and most important social networking. You can do these things using your smartphone camera but a webcam provides better display, convenience, and better user interface.

3.Noise Cancelling Headphone


Working from home means doing all your job things during the daily life house chaos. Many things happen inside the house throughout the whole day and that will surely break your attention and disturb you. A quality noise-canceling headphone or earphone will cut you from all those chaos while tasking.

Headphones and earphones are both good and have their pros and cons. You can go with whichever you find worthy and convenient both for tasking and playing. 

4.Multi-Port Adapter

A multi-port adapter lets you use more than one device at a time. Multitasking has become essential these days and an adapter having more ports help you do multitasking at its best. Whether you are working on a Windows device or Mac, there are multi-USB adapter available for both variants and can help you a lot during work from home.

5.Portable Printer/Scanner


Printing kinds of things can be done at home too if you got access to a portable printer. Portable printers and scanners have made working from home a lot easier and you must own one too. The best thing about these compact and portable devices is that they acquire less area in your home office where you are already running out of space.

You will never run out of resources and tasking when you have the right tools in your pouch and printers/scanners are one of them much needed for better work from home experience. 

6.Smartphone Camera Lens

Smartphone cameras have come a long way and are getting better with time but still can’t compete with the DSLRs. DSLR cameras are built only for photography purpose on the other hand smartphones are multitasking devices.

You may need to capture quality images for working purposes and that your smartphone may not be capable to do the same. Investing in a DSLR camera would be a great idea but that would require a huge investment too. Going for a smartphone camera lens to enhance your smartphone’s camera strength would be an excellent move rather than buying a high-end DSLR camera.

7.Encrypted SSDs and HDDs


You will need storage, a lot of storage during working from home and your PC/laptop may not able to deliver that. Investing in an encrypted SSD or HDD will be a better choice. These additional storage gadgets provide secure, high capacity, and portable storage. These devices come handy in data transfer in a comparatively more secure way.

8.UV-ray Sanitizer

In this time of the global pandemic, people are getting more conscious about personal hygiene to avoid infection. Sanitizing your hands multiple times throughout the day can reduce the chances of getting infected but you can’t clean your electric appliances with an alcohol-based sanitizer.

The UV ray emitting wand can help you disinfecting most of your gadgets and electronics more easily and safely. UV rays destroy the DNA of even the smallest micro-organisms hence eliminating all of the possible harmful bacteria, protozoa, and viruses in just a few minutes.

9.Power Bank


You don’t have control over electricity even you pay bills for using it, LOL.

The power cut is a big issue for most people and you have to face it too. Buying good quality power banks can help you overcome this problem. These gadgets come in various sizes and capacities of holding power. The power banks can easily juice most of the devices and can even provide hours of battery life to your laptops and MacBook.

10.Magic Cleaning Gel

Food, dust, and debris get spilled over the tiny space of keyboard and other electronics with time and look disgusting. The worst part is that it isn’t easy to clean those unwanted kinds of stuff. A magic cleaning gel will help you cleaning your devices and electronics easily you use while working from home.

Bottom Line:

Working from home isn’t that easy as it seems, if compared it is more difficult because you don’t have access to the essentials whether it is infrastructure, electronics, or other corporate things. If you are doing work from home you must be well equipped with all the necessary things.

Along with your PC and laptop, you will need a lot of gadgets and tools to precede your work from home journey. Create a list of things, make your budget, and shop accordingly. Doing this will help you access the right tools and gears.

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